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Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Barry Manilow..320 Kbps

 All the well known hits are on this L/P as well as some of Barry's Power Ballads....I always thought that he wrote all his own songs and recorded them...BUT looking at the information only about half of them on this L/P were written by him....Well you learn something new every day !!!..."Mandy" his first big hit was originally called "Brandy" and I did have the single of it...But I can't remember who it was by !!!...not got it now so I can't look !!!....Just got a flash I think it was also by a Barry.... Something !!!...BUT could be wrong....

 1. Mandy
2. New York City Rhythm
3. Looks Like We Made It
4. Can't Smile Without You
5. Ready To Take The Chance Again
6. Tryin' To Get The Feeling Again

1. Could It Be Magic 
2. Copacabana
3. Weekend In New England
4. It's A Miracle
5. All The Time
6. I Write The Songs