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Thursday 29 July 2021

Cliff Richard.

Cliff Circa 1982...Getting away from his "Pop" image with a selection of songs that are ok BUT not any of them are rememberable...I guess that this was the start of him aiming and definitely succeeding to become the artist he is today !!....He Co-Produced this L/P and the cover is quite clever emphasising the "Title"....There is more L/P's by "Cliff" coming soon!!!

1. The Only Way Out
2. First Date
3. Thief In The Night
4. Where Do We Go From Here
5. Son Of Thunder
6. Little Town

1. It has To Be You It Has To Be Me
2. The Water Is Wide
3. Now You see Me Now You Don't
4. Be In My Heart
5. Discovering

      4. Where Do We Go From Here

Tom Jones.

Tom Jones Circa 1969 !!!...Side One seems to be made up of contemporary songs of the time...Side Two well if this was a 45 Single I would say that they were all sides "B".....But Mr Jones is in great voice !!!

1. Fly Me To The Moon
2. Little Green Apples
3. Wichita Lineman
4. Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay
5. Dance of Love
6. Hey Jude

1. Without You
2. That's All Any Man Can Say
3. That Wonderful Sound
4. Only Once
5. I'm A Fool To Want You
6. Let It Be Me
      6. Let It Be Me

Dirty Dancing (Film).

Another soundtrack with songs that are played in the background of the film so you don't realy notice them till you see the back cover of the L/P and then you have to watch it again to get the feel and mood !!!...and of course it has that classic track "Time Of My Life" and the "Nobody should put "Baby" in the corner " line !!!

1. I've had The Time Of My Life
2. Be My Baby
3. She's Like The Wind
4. Hungry Eyes
5. Stay
6. Yes

1. You Don't Own Me
2. Hey Baby
3. Overload
4. Love Is Strange
5. Where Are You Tonight
6. In The Still Of The Night 

      3. She's Like The Wind

Michael Bolton.

Dig the crazy hairstyle !!.Still we are in 1989 so I suppose its the fashion !!...But Michael's hair looks better today even if he has lost some of it !!! (like me ) !!!...Back to the music I did'nt realise that he wrote most of the songs on this L/P...I believe that this was one of his first L/P's and contains some of his best known songs....Great version of one of my favourite songs "Georgia On My Mind"and its a great all round set of songs !!!

1. Soul Provider
2 Georgia On My Mind
3. It's Only My Heart
4. How Am I Supposed To Live Without You
5. How Can We Be Lovers

1. You Would'nt Know Love
2. When I'm Back On My Feet Again
3. From Now On...with Suzie Benson
4. Love Cuts Deep
5. Stand Up For Love

        2. Georgia On My Mind

Wednesday 28 July 2021

Richard Clayderman.

Some semi-classical piano now... all the tracks I assume are "French" tunes... that assumption comes from the fact that they are bracketed ( ) in french on the back !!!...still wish he would do some "Swing" ala (Previn) or "Honky Tonk" ala (Winnifred Attwell or Russ Conway) !!!..Still if he did that then I suppose it would'nt be a "Richard Clayderman !!!...BUT I still enjoyed it !!

1. Remember Me
2. Moonlighting
3. Clouds
4. The Italian Girl
5. Loneliness
6. Living Without You

1. Tender Love
2. Your Eyes In My Eyes
3. Such A Beautiful Waltz
4. Broken Heart 
5. First Love
6. The Lady Said
7. The Girl From Asia

      3. Clouds


We now have one that I can't seem to find anything about...I Have "Googled" them but have come up with "Zilch"....and my brother and sister in law seem to have vague memories of where it came was either bought at a local Leicester Club or maybe in "Cornwall" when on holiday...As they are an "Australian" group I assume that they were over here doing the rounds of the Clubs & Pubs performing.....Maybe some of you "Down Under" could enlighten us and give us some information...The "Nicola" that is mentioned on the signature on the front I am told was about 4 years old !!...she is now married and got two children of her own !!......So I recon that its a late 70's early 80's recording no date on the sleeve or record...and it is a "Private Pressing" From EMI (Australia) !!....All the tracks are written by the members of the group so they are all original songs....which poses the thought that the more you play and listen to it the better it becomes !!!!

P.S. "Bingo"!!!...thanks to "Dusty's" detective work we now have a little more info about "Traffle"....and a Video to watch !!! 

1. Do You Have To Leave Me
2. What Would You Say
3. Can't See Whats Wrong
4. Love Conquers All
5. They Are Children

1. It Came To Me Tonight
2. Backwards To Return
3. Lose Control
4. My Love To You
5. See It Through

      3. Can't See Whats Wrong

Traffle Duo youtube

Terry Lightfoot Band.

Now here's a pleasant surprise to me that is !!...I have heard of "Terry Lightfoot's Band" but alway's associated it with "Trad Jazz" & "Skiffle" or so I thought !!...WRONG !..and how wrong could I be !!'s a swingin' 6 piece combo that's the BEE'S KNEE's !!!..with a great selection of tracks..and its great to hear vocal's with a swing band once again !!!

1. At The Jazz Band Ball
2. Every Lonely River
3. Mame
4. Lotus Blossom
5. Medley
    a. Goodnight Irene
    b. We Shall Not Be Moved
    c. It Takes A Worried Man
6. When The Saints

1. Wang Wang Blues
2. The Ballad Of Jesse James
3. When Your Smiling
4. Muskrat Ramble
5. John Henry
6. Jazz Me Blues

      1. Wang Wang Blues

Barbra Sreisand

I have this one on CD so thanks to Gym bunny "Lesley" for being able to let me post it as a L/P!!!!....

1. The Places You Find Love
2. On My Way To You
3. Till I Loved You....with Don Johnson
4. Love Light
5. All I Ask Of You
6. You And Me For Always

1. Why Let It Go
2. Two People
3. What Were We Thinking Of
4. Some Good Things Never Last
5. One More Time Around
      3. Till I Loved You

Sunday 25 July 2021

Randy Crawford.

Don't know much about "Randy" except of course "One Day"...but these are some well sung songs with of course the "Love" theme so I guess "it does what it says on the tin"!!!!!
On the Track "Imagine" which is a live track the recording goes a bit funny left speaker goes a bit haywire...thought perhaps it was my turntable or connections that was playing up again...BUT recorded it three times and still had the same problen at the same time each recording !!!Sooooooo conclusion I think maybe that as it was a live recording and she seems to move around the stage that might be the problem !!!

1. One Day I'll Fly Away
2. You Might Need Somebody
3. Rainy Night In Georgia
4. Trade Winds
5. He Reminds Me
6. Nightline
7. Windsong
8. Secret Combination

1. Almaz
2. Imagine
3. In Real Life
4. Everything Must Change 
5. I Don't Want To Lose Him
6. Someone To Believe In
7. One Hello
8. Tender Falls The rain
      3. Rainy Night In Georgia 

John Denver.

Now we have the gentle voice of "JD"which includes a couple of his "Hits"I can say that this one is definitely not a "Compilation" but a "Bona Fide" studio Recording !!....If you have not heard the track "The Box" then download this L/P and get a surprise !!!!!!!!

1. Poems Prayers And Promises
2. Let It Be
3. My Sweet Lady
4. Wooden Indian
5. Junk
6. Gospel Changes

1. Take Me Home Country Roads
2.  I Guess I'd Rather Be In Colorado
3. Sunshine On My Shoulder
4. Around And Around
5. Fire And Rain
6. The Box
      3. Sunshine On My Shoulder

Django Reinhardt.

Here's some great guitar playing in fact I believe that this L/P when it was first released was a "Must Buy" for all the "Jazz aficionado's" or enthusiasts !!...and it "Swings" as well with a great bands!!! it says on the back all the tracks were recorded in "France" between 1939 and 1945..... which makes me the age of 2+ years when this was recorded aint' that cool !!!

1. Nuages
2. Sweet Sue
3. Limehouse Blues
4. Place De Broukere
5. Black Eyes

1. Daphne
2. Mabel
3. Djangology
4. Swing 41
5. Swing 42

           5. Black Eyes             

Ethel Merman

Obviously this is not from the soundtrack of the film!!...If it was your thoughts would be "Where the hell is "Donald O'Conner & Vera Ellen" !!!..It is in fact a more detailed song list from the "Show/Film"with the original "Hostess With The Mostest"!!!!!!

        3. Something To Dance About

Thursday 22 July 2021

Barbra Streisand.

 There's not much you can say about BS that hasn't been said a thousand times before so I won't say it !!.....except that she has now in 1978 got complete control of her voice !! An interesting thing to do is make a "playlist" of her first L/P "The Barbra Streisand Album" with this one starting with "Track 1" from TBSA "Track 2" from this one and so on and listen to the difference its a really cool "playlist".......Most of the songs on this one are not well known except for a couple but that really doesn't matter its her interpretation of the song and of course her voice that gets you !!!

1. Tomorrow
2. A Man I Loved
3. I Don't Break Easily
4. Love Breakdown
5. You Don't Bring Me Flowers

1. Honey Can I Put On Your Clothes
2. One More Night
3. Stay Away
4. Deep In The Night
5. Songbird

       2. One More Night.

Wednesday 21 July 2021

Tammy Wynette

Another "Best Of" this time CW Singer...also supplied by "Bob"....If you like CW then you will like this all of her hits !!

    1. Your Good Girl's Gonna Go Bad

Tuesday 20 July 2021

Brenda Cochrane.

Here's another voice that we "Brits" didn't take care of !!...I am sure that with the right management and the right songs she would have made it big !!...she has got that big power ballad voice !! just listen to "Your The Voice" & "New York New York" !!!....We Brits are a bit slow on the uptake or maybe "Brenda" didn't fit the so called "Pop" image !!! give it a listen too if you havn't heard of her work....once again you wont be disappointed !!!!!

1. Your The Voice
2. Pearls A Singer
3. Right Here Waiting For You
4. New York New York
5. You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling
6. You Make Lovin' Fun

1. I Want To Know What Love Is
2. Wind Beneath My Wings
3. Easy To Love
4. Put The Weight On My Shoulders
5. All Night Long 

        4. New York New York

The Geoff Love Singers...320 Kbps

When I was listening to this one a thought came into my head !!..was "The Mike Sammes Singers" doing some "Moonlighting" !!...very similar sound...So off to "Google" but drew a blank...information about "Geoff Love" but no mention of "The Singers " it remains a mystery unless someone had some info to pass on !!!
After listening to it a couple of times I don't think TMSS were responsible something is missing That distinct sound is not there !!

1. The Very Thought Of You
2. You Make Me Feel Brand New
3. I'll Get By
4. He Was Beautiful 
5. I Wish You Love
6. As Time Goes By
7. My Prayer

1. Love Me Tender
2. Just The Way You Are
3. Unforgettable
4. The Shadow Of Your Smile
5. Love Walked in
6. Smoke gets in Your Eyes
7. Someone To Watch Over me

        3. I'll Get By 

The Geoff Love Singers.

Here's Vol 2 of the Record company's idea of  what we might think are our "Favourite Love Songs"....That's very nice of them !!!!....Pleasant sounding and one for having in the background at a "Soiree" !!!!!

1. The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
2. My Cherie Amour
3. I've got You Under My Skin
4. More
5. Unchained Melody
6. You Are The Sunshine Of my Life
7. Love Story

1. What'll I Do
2. All My Loving
3. Something
4 True Love
5. There I've Said It Again
6. Falling In Love Again
7. The Way We Were

         2. All My Loving 

Friday 9 July 2021

Marilyn Maye

Meet Marvelous Marilyn Maye

(Stereo LSP-3397)
Marilyn's first RCA album was recorded in New York's Webster Hall in 1965. It was produced by Joe Rene and featured arrangements by both Don Costa and Manny Albam. Not surprisingly Steve Allen authored the album notes, which ended with Allen penning "All in all, this is probably the best damned vocal album of 1965--so there."

According to "Wikipedia" Marilyn is still singing and performing at the grand age of 88 !!

1. Get Me To The Church On Time
2. Misty
3. Washington Square
4. Happiness Is A Thing Called Joe 
5. I Love You Today
6. Hello Dolly

1. Take Five
2. Where Are You
3. Night Of My Nights
4. Put On A Happy Face
5. Make Someone Happy
6. The Song Is You

        2. Where Are You

Marilyn Maye

And is if by Magic!!...we have another voice that I have not heard of !!....John & the Cosmos must be very busy !!!....and a quote from the late "Ella"
 Ella Fitzgerald referred to Maye as "the greatest white female singer in the world".
Soooooo Guy's And Gal's have listen to this and the above post for a treat !!!

1. The Lamp Is Low
2. I See The Rainbow Now
3. If I Were In Your Shoes
4. Love Me True
5. You're Gonna Hear From Me
6. If I Just Stand Still

1. The Night we Called it a Day
2. Quiet Nights Of Quiet Stars
3. Livin'Alone
4. Too Late Now
5. Someday Forget Me Not
6. Maybe Love Wise

       4. Too Late Now