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Wednesday 24 January 2024

Phyllis Diller

If you was walking down a shady lane and bumped into "Florence Foster Jenkins" hand in hand with "Mrs Miller" and ahead there is "Jonathon And Darlene Edwards" and under a tree siting and getting ready to burst into song is "Phyllis Diller" then you will know what is coming up !!

1. I Can't Get No Satisfaction
2. Hello Young Lovers
3. Bei Mir Bist Du Scon
4. And This Is My beloved
5. My Man
6. I Enjoy Being A Girl

1. The Man I Love
2. Nobody Makes A Pass At Me
3. The Curse Of An Aching Heart / A Bird In A Gilded Chain
4. One For My Baby And One For The Road

4. And This Is My Beloved

Wednesday 10 January 2024

Kenny Ball

 The Jazz Band Going Pop !!

Kenneth Daniel Ball (22 May 1930– 7 March 2013) was an English jazz musician, best known as the bandleader, lead trumpet player and vocalist in Kenny Ball and his Jazzmen.

         13. Caterina

Long John Baldry

 Another Long John !!

1. I've Got My Mojo Working
2. Gee Baby Ain't I Good To You
3. Roll em Pete
4. You're Breaking My Heart
5. I/m Your Hoochie Coochie Man
6. Everyday I have The Blues

1. Dimples
2. Five long Years
3. My Babe
4. Times Are Getting Tougher Than Tough
5. Going Down Slow
6. Rock The Joint
          2. Gee baby Ain't I Good To You
          12. Rock The Joint

Leo Addeo & His Orchestra

 A couple of  Instrumentals now......Don't go to sleep ! As If You Could !!

1. The Music Goes Round And Round
2. Dancing Tambourine
3. Lets Take A Walk Around The Block
4. The Doll Dance
5. Don't Fence Me In
6. Stumbling

1. Love Is Just Around The Corner
2. Then I'll Be Happy
3. Would You Like To Take a Walk
4. Elmers Tune
5. I Found A Million Dollar Baby
6. You'd Be Surprised
          8. Then I'll Be Happy

Les Baxter & His Orchestra

Some very atmospheric music now !!!

1. Simba
2. Oasis Of Dakhla
3. Maracaibo
4. Tehran
5. Pantan
6. Havana

1. Mozambique
2. Wotuka
3. Cuchibamba
4. Batumba
5. Rio
6. Zambezi

          3. Maraciabo

Petula Clark

Here is the second part of Petula's very early recordings....some great and rare recording's if you are a Pet fan than this is the one for you !!

1.Tell Me Truly
2.Song Of The Mermaid
3.The Card
4.It Had to Be You
5.A Boy In Love
6.A Boy In Love (Radiola Version)
7.Where Did My Snowman Go
8.Anytime Is Tea Time Now
9.Made in Heaven
10.Temptation Rag
11.Made In Heaven
12.My Love Is a Wanderer
13.Take Care of Yourself
14.Christopher Robin at Buckingham Palace
15.Three Little Kittens
16.Poppa Piccolino
17.The Who-is-it Song
18.The Little Shoemaker
20.Meet Me In Battersea Park
21.A Long Way to Go
24.Christmas Cards
25.Little Johnny Rainbow
27.Facinating Rhythm
28.Romance In Rome
29.Chee Chee-Oo Chee
30.The Pendulum Song
31.Crazy Otto Rag
32.How Are Things With You
33.Tuna Puna Trinidad

          4. It Had To Be You
           18. The Little Shoemaker
           27. Fascinating Rhythm

Mickey Rooney

Not A Sign Of Judy !! 

         8. Manhattan

Tuesday 9 January 2024

Laurindo Almeida

Change Of Tempo and pace now some relaxing Guitar music from Spain

Laurindo Almeida (September 2, 1917 – July 26, 1995) was a Brazilian guitarist and composer in classical, jazz, and Latin music. He and Bud Shank were pioneers in the creation of bossa nova. Almeida was the first guitarist to receive Grammy Awards for both classical and jazz performances. His discography encompasses more than a hundred recordings over five decades.
Almeida was first introduced to the jazz public as a featured guitarist with the Stan Kenton band in the late 1940s during the height of its success. 
Almeida's classical solo recording career on Capitol Records began in 1954 with The Guitar Music of Spain.
       And Here It Is !! 

1. Leyenda
2. Oriental
3. El Circulo Magico
4. Cancion del Fuego Fatuo
5. Anecdote
6. Neblina

1. Serenata Burlesca
2. Recuerdos De La Alhambra
3. Capricho Arabe
4. Hommage a Tarego Garrotin
5. Soleares
6. Sevilla
         8. Recuerdos De la Alhambra

Long John Baldry

Long John At His Best 
John William "Long John" Baldry (12 January 1941 – 21 July 2005) was an English musician and actor. In the 1960s, he was one of the first British vocalists to sing the blues in clubs and shared the stage with many British musicians including the Rolling Stones and the Beatles. Before achieving stardom, Rod Stewart and Elton John were members of bands led by Baldry. He enjoyed pop success in 1967 when "Let the Heartaches Begin" reached No. 1 in the UK, and in Australia where his duet with Kathi McDonald "You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'" reached No. 2 in 1980.

1. Sunshine Of Your Love
2. Spanish Harlem
3. Henry Hannah's 42nd street Parking Lot
4. Man Without A Dream
5. Cry Like A Baby
6. River Deep Mountain High

1. How sweet It Is To Be Loved By You
2. MacArther Park
3. When Brigadier McKenzie Comes To Town
4. Lights Of Cincinnati
5. Spinning Wheel
6. Wait For Me
          7. How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You

Augusto Alguero & His Orchestra

Some different sounds of some well known tunes given a different spectacular sound it says !!!

1. Deliah
2. I'm Coming Home
3. Pata Pata
4. Cherie Babette
5. Magico Sonido
6. It Must Be Love

1. La La La 
2. La Muchachita Del Pianillo
3. Cuando Sali De Cuba
4. The Ballad Of Bonnie And Clyde
5. Road To Marbella
6. Gran Premino
           10. The Ballad Of Bonnie And Clyde        

Barbra Streisand.

Not much one can say about Barbra Streisand that hasn't been said thousands of times so I wont even attempt too !!....great selection of songs especially "I Found You Love"...and she has complete control of her voice...she recorded this L/P about 1977 just after her Film "A Star Is Born".....nice cover !!

1. Superman
2. Don't Believe What You Read
3. Baby Me Baby
4. I Found You Love
5. Answer Me

1. My Heart Belongs To Me
2. Cabin Fever
3. Love Comes From Unexpected Places
4. New York State of Mind
5. Lullaby For Myself

   4. I Found You Love

Timmy Thomas.

This is an L/P that I wish I had listened more to in the past....I bought it for the title track which is a great one...but like so many L/P's /CD's if there is only one track that you buy it for the other tracks seem to disappear and after a while it gets left to gather dust....BUT now after reviving it after so many years of non play....its a cracker !! have a good listen....and if you havn't heard the "Why Can't We live Together" track then you are in for a treat !!!!

1. Why Can't We Live Together
2. Rainbow Power
3. Take Care Of Home
4. The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
5. The Coldest Days Of My Life

1. In The Beginning
2. Cold Cold People
3. Opportunity
4. Dizzy Dizzy World
5. Funky Me

      1. Why Can't We Live Together.

Broadway Magic.

 Its good to get an L/P that reflects the popular and sometimes hit songs from the shows done by the original casts from the "Broadway Shows" and here it is !!!

 1. Willkommen.....Joel Grey
2. Tonight.....Carol Lawrence & Larry Kert
3. I Could Have Danced All Night....Julie Andrews & Betty Wolfe
4. Tomorrow....Andrea McArdle
5. If My Friends Could See Me Now....Gwen Verdon

1. Everything's Coming Up Roses....Ethel Merman
2. The Ladies Who Lunch....Elaine Stritch
3. If He Walked Into My Life....Angela Lansbury
4. Send In The Clowns....Glynis Johns
5. What I Did For Love....Priscilla Lopez

          9, Send In The Clowns

Bert Kaempfert

Most of the popular hits of Bert K is on this compilation plus  some not so well known ones !!

1. Red Roses For A Blue Lady
2. A Swingin' Safari
3. Wonderland by Night
4. That Happy Feeling
5. Lonely Nightingale
6. Happy Trumpeter
7. Danke Schon
8. Market Day

1. Blue Midnight
2. Love
3. Afrikaan Beat
4. Three O'clock In The Morning
5. Treat For Trumpets
6. The Bass Walk
7. Tuttie Fruttie
8. The Big Build Up

          14. The Bass Walk

Caterina Valente And Silvio Francesco.

Here's another excellent L/P of Caterina's and her brother Silvio just singing and playing their guitars....It does say on the back that this was a first but perhaps they forgot that they did it in 1956 on "Polydor" !!.....This one was recorded in 1966 !!

1. El Cumbanchero
2. Perfidia
3. Bahia
4. Saudade Da Bahia
5. Brasil
6. Tico Tico

1. Cielito Lindo
2. Adios
3. Pepito
4. Maria Dolores
5. Quiereme Mucho
6. Angelitos Negros

    2. Adios.

Monday 8 January 2024

Dinah Washington.

Here's a nice compilation of Dinah's Hits and some early recordings...

P.S. This is a very good "Stereo" recording sooooooo all you "Stereo" Buffs out there who might have their computer conected to a "Stereo System" have a listen to this....It seems that all the "Mercury" L/P's alway provide good Stereo must be their way of recording !!!!

1. Salty Papa Blues
2. Mixed Emotions
3. Time Out For Tears
4. I Wanna Be Loved
5. Trust In Me
6. Mad About The Boy

1. September In The Rain
2. This Bitter Earth
3. Such A Night
4. If I Loved You
5. Harbour Lights
6. What A Diff'rence A Day Made

       1. September In The Rain.

B.Bumble & The Stingers

 Piano playing music with a Kick !!

1. Apple Knocker
2. The Moon And The Sea
3. Twelfth Street Rag
4. Canadian Sunset
5. Baby mash
6. Night Time Madness

1. In The Mood
2. Chicken Chow Mein
3. Poly Rock
4. The Green Hornet Theme
5. Silent Movies
6. Manhattan Spiritual

         7. In The Mood

Sue & Sunny

I like this one it's a bit on the quirky side doesn't really come into any category but the voices are cool....If you remember "Joe Cocker's" "With A Little Help From My Friends" they are the backing vocalists....whoever designed the cover should have had his or her glasses on because the reverse side of the L/P is black and silver and you can't read anything that's why I've not bothered to scan it because all you would see would be a black 12 inch Blob!!!!!..........BUT the "net" came to the rescue and wallah !..a red black & white one found .
Best track is definitely "You Devil Cotton Eyed Joe"

1. Let Us Break Bread Together
2. Follow The Path
3. People Get Ready
4. You Devil Cotton Eyed Joe
5. Don't You Know I Love You
6. Little Green Apples

1. Michael From Mountains
2. Goodbye Big Town
3. After St Francis
4. The Love We Never Knew
5. Put Your Tears Away
6. River Deep Mountain High

4. You Devil Cotton Eyed Joe.

The Alexander Brothers

 Something Completely different from the post below !!

1. Lets Have A Ceilidh
2. Heilin' Lassie
3. The Dark Island
4. The Quiet Man Of Lanarkshire
5. Bonnie River Tay
6. Campbeltown Loch

1. The Hill O' Kinnoull
2. I Want A Bonnie Lassie
3. Dreaming Of Home
4. The Rose Of Aberfeldy
5. The Auld Paisley Shawl
6. The Hills O' Benachie

          1. Lets Have A Ceilidh

          6. Campbeltown Loch

Quantum Jump

 Quantum Jump was a 1970s British band, consisting of singer and keyboard player Rupert Hine, guitarist Mark Warner, bass player John G. Perry (then of Caravan), and drummer Trevor Morais (who had previously played in The Peddlers). The band is best remembered for its 1979 UK hit single "The Lone Ranger"

Once again the "Curse" of the "Bought For One Track" and banished to the back of the cupboard strikes again !!....This time the track was "The Lone Ranger" which is still a Gud Un!!....The rest is okay if you like your "Electric" Guitars "Fast"  Loud"and frantic !!
And who knows what "Something At The Bottom Of The Sea" is all about !!!
Still it does prove that we do have some good "Electric Guitar" players in England !!
So be inquisitive and see what you think and of course comment on it !!!!

1. Capt Boogaloo
2. Over Rio
3. The Lone Ranger
4. No American Starship

1. Alta Loma Road
2. Copacabana Havana
3. Constant Forest
4. Something At The Bottom Of The Sea 

          3. The Lone Ranger

Madeline Bell

If you like Dusty Springfield then give "Maddy" a listen....voices are very similar in fact she is one of the backing singers on this L/P...Madeline was nearly always one of "Dusty's" backing Singers..a nice set of 60's songs"Beat The Clock" and "Soul Time"are the two best..

1. Picture Me Gone
2. You Don't Love Me No More
3. Baby I'll Come Right Away
4. Beat The Clock
5. Mr Dream Merchant
6. Can't Get Used To Losing You

1. Soul Time
2. I'm Gonna Make You Love Me
3. I'm Gonna Leave You
4. The Last One To Be Loved
5. I Didn't Wanna Have To Do It
6. Mercy Mercy Mercy

4. Beat The Clock.

The Avons

Some Typical 50's /60's songs and style...when the world was at a slower pace

The Avons were a British pop vocal group. Originally composed of Valerie Murtagh (born 1936, Willesden, London) and Elaine Murtagh, (born 1940, County Cork, Ireland) and known as 'The Avon Sisters', they added Raymond S. Adams (born 1938, Jersey, Channel Islands), and changed their name to 'The Avons'.
The Avon's first single release in 1959 was a cover version of "Seven Little Girls (Sitting in the Back Seat)", written by Bob Hilliard and Lee Pockriss. The record reached number 3 in the UK Singles Chart, and stayed on the chart for thirteen weeks.
The Avons had three other chart entries in the Top 50 up to 1961, but never achieved the same success as their first record. The charting follow-ups were "We're Only Young Once", "Four Little Heels", and another cover, of Bobby Vee's "Rubber Ball". The Avons were approached to perform the song "Pickin' Petals" in the UK heat of the 1960 Eurovision Song Contest, but their participation was cancelled due to a European Broadcasting Union rule that stated that trios could not compete.

 1. Seven Little Girls Sitting In The Back Seat
2. Alone At Eight
3. Pickin' Petals
4. Wer're Only Young Once
5. I Keep Dreaming
6. Four Little Heels
7. This was Meant To Be
8. We Fell In Love

1. Rubber Ball
2. Cool And Cosy
3. A Wonderful Dream
4. Hey Paula
5. I Wanna Do It
6. I Am The Girl
7. Once Upon A Summers Day
8. Which Witch Doctor

          1. Seven Little Girls Sitting In The Back Seat