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Tuesday 30 August 2016

Nat King Cole

We now have some early recordings of "Nat's...and we are still over the channel !! at "Bob's Place !!


Stanley Black & The London Festival Orchestra

We are still in "Belguim" via "Bob" even though it say's "France" on this L/P's cover !!...a good selection of definatly French Tunes and songs...along with the "London Festival Orchestra" & "The Mormon Choir" !!

The Blue Diamonds

We now have a "Dutch" duo and "Ramona" is a blast !! is the rest of this L/P even though most of the songs are "Covers" they are different and the Guy's accent's comes through on certain tracks which gives the sound a lift !!!...Note the "Ray Conniff" sound on "Red Sails In The Sunset...pure magic !!!never heard them before so this was a bonus and it came from "Bob" in Begium cheers mate !!


Johnny Mathis & Natalie Cole.320.Kbps


 "Johnny Mathis" & "Natalie Cole" In 1983 on a BBC Television Show...The L/P speaks for itself !!

Helen Reddy.320.Kbps


 It's 1979 and the Disco beat gets everywhere !!.....A nice set of contempary late 70's songs sung in great style by the Lady with the easy recognisable voice......"Make Love To Me" goes on & on & on & on & on with that crazy Disco beat.....BUT its a good Un' !!!

1. Trying To Get To You
2. Perfect Love Affair
3. The Magic Is Still There
4. Make Love To Me

1. Minute By Minute
2. Let Me Be Your Woman
3. You're So Good
4. Words Are Not Enough
5. Sing My Heart Out


Monday 29 August 2016

The Pentangle

Must have found that "Magic Carpet" in the "Record Shop" because after that swift visit to "Bob" via "Belgium" for the last post I'm back in "New York" and I'm not wet or my arms don't ache !!......Now I have heard of "The Pentangle"but have never actually heard any of there tracks so this also is new to me...first impresions very "Folksy"which I presume is the right "Genre"...will have to listen to this one more to appreciate it more !!

Stanly Black & Orchestra

Another "Easy Listening" L/P of well know tunes in the "Latin" tempo so sit back and enjoy some "Cool" music !!...or get the "Maraca's" out !!!!.....we are back in "Belgium" !!!


The Free Design

This is a new one on me so I guess for once the "Title" does mean what it says !!!....Its an "Enoch Light" production so there is plenty of "Stereo Action"

 The Free Design was a Delevan, New York-based sunshine pop band. Though they did not achieve much commercial recognition during their main recording career, their work later influenced bands including Stereolab, Cornelius, Pizzicato Five, Beck and The High Llamas.[not verified in body]

Peggy Lee & George Shearing

Still in the land of the "Eagle" and a couple of home grown entertainers that fully deserve the title of "Greats"....what's greater than spending some time with the "Husky/ Silky"voice of "Peggy" and the hands of "George"...100% Listenability !!!

1. Do I Love You 
2. I Lost My Sugar In Salt Lake City
3. Dreams Come True
4. All Too Soon
5. Mambo In Miami 
6. Isn't It Romantic

1. Blue Prelude
2.You Came A Long Way From St Louis
3. Always True To You In My Fashion
4. There'll Be Another Spring
5. Get Out Of Town
6. Satin Doll

Don Lusher Band

We "Brits" get everywhere another L/P from an "English" musician who has played in most of the "British Big Bands" of the day going right back to "Ted Heath"...Unfortunatly he is no longer with us....A very pleasant selection of tunes and songs that makes easy listening "Easy"

Ella Fitzgerald

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh "Ella" another one I missed....I think that whatever "Record Shop" you are in all over the world you will find "Ella" by the "Thousands" !!! need for words just download and listen !!!


Georgie Fame & Alan Price

Some English Blasts from the Past !! now...  still in the "Record Shop"....talking about the "Stereo" on the last post seems that on this one someones fiddling about with them knobs !! sending me giddy from one speaker to the other !!..but its good fun !!!


Dinah Washington

Back over the pond !!...Think I'll stay here for a while arms are a bit tired from all that swimming !!!...this one is a great selection of songs that define the L/P's title !!....The "Stereo" on this L/P is pretty good with "Dinah's" voice coming from the "Left" speaker !!...I've noticed that on several of the "Mercury" L/P's they do that have the singer's voice on one speaker and sometimes they move her over to the other speaker....Does that make sense !!!..or maybe my ears are playing tricks !!

The World Of Easy Listening...VA.

It's great what you find in a "New York" record shop !!!...all the way from England !!


Pete Atkin..320.Kbps

  On this L/P we have some very clever lyrics written by an English television personality I guess at the beginning of his career before he got his foot in the door of TV broadcasting..."Clive James" is the name !!....some of the songs are a bit vague and I am still wondering what some of them are about...It's one of those L/P's that you have to listen to with full 100% concentration...."The Wristwatch For A Drummer" and "Screen Freak" are great....The rest are good to but you have to play them a few times to get into them....Pete Atkin has a good solid narrative voice and it's definitely something different !!!

P.S. If you are bored listening to the same kind of music and want a complete change and something that you have to REALY REALY 100% brain completely concentrated mode !!...then give this a go...I think you will not be disapointed !!!

1. Between Us There Is Nothing
2. Carnations On The Roof
3. All The Dead Were Strangers
4. The Wristwatch For a Drummer
5. A King At Nightfall

1. The Last Hill That Shows You All The Valley
2.  The Double Agent
3. The Hypertension Kid
4. Screen Freak
5. Apparition In Las Vegas
6. Thirty Year Man

Friday 19 August 2016

Kurt Edelhagen & Orchestra

Another great orchestra that will keep you dancing around the room if that's your inclination !! or maybe like me just have a listen....done all the Dancing ! Jive ! Bop ! and other contortions to last me!! fact "Got The T Shirt" Ect !!!!!...Very nice informative notes on the back sleeve which makes a change !!


Thursday 18 August 2016

Bing Crosby & Ella Fitzgerald

Found the Video below when seaching for the "Bing" Video...just couldn't resist posting it !!
what a great performance... doubt whether we will see anything like that again !!!

Bing Crosby & Ella Fitzgerald - Hollywood Palace Medley

Ambrose & His Orchestra

Hope none of you have got "Jet Lag" after that trip across "The Pond" Co'ss off we go across the channel this time visiting "Bob" for some musical "Goodies" get your dancing shoes on and have a "Twirl".....I Guess that this is not "Ambrose" recordings from the 30's & 40's !!!