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Wednesday 24 February 2016

Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong...320 Kbps

 When you have a great set of songs from a great Play/Musical and two of the worlds greatest singers and performers there is no need for any comment at all JUST LISTEN !!!!..this is a double L/P..The overture on  Side 1 is a long track !!

 1. Overture....Russell Garcia & Orch
2. Summertime.....Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong
3. I Wants To Stay Here....Ella Fitzgerald

1. My Mans Gone Now....Ella Fitzgerald
2. I Got Plenty Of Nuttin'....Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong
3. Buzzard Song....Ella Fitzgerald
4. Bess You Is My Woman Now....Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong

1. It Ain't Necessarily So....Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong
2. What You Want Wid Bess....Ella Fitzgerald
3. A Woman Is A Sometime Thing....Louis Armstrong
4. Oh Doctor Jesus....Ella Fitzgerald

1. Medley....Ella Fitzgerald
    a. Here Comes The Honey Man
    b. Crab Man
    c. Oh Dey's So Fresh And Fine (Strawberry Woman)
2. There's A Boat Dat's Leavin' Soon For New York....Louis Armstrong
3. Bess Oh Where's My Bess....Louis Armstrong
4. Oh Lawd I'm On My Way....Louis Armstrong


Bert Kaempfert & Orchestra..320 Kbps

The relaxing sound is what its called and thats wht you get !! don't fall asleep !!!

1. Strangers In The Night
2./ Bye Bye Blues
3. But Not Today
4. Red Roses For A Blue Lady
5. Melina
6. Nothing New
7. Danke Shone

1. Moon Over Naples 
2. Remember When
3. The Moon Is Making Eyes 
4. Rose Of Washigton Square
5. Take My Heart
6. That Happy Feeling
7. Wiederseh'n


Saturday 13 February 2016

Caterina Valente..320 Kbps

Re-Post Requested By Andyzi

This was probably the last English L/P release of Caterina's it was recorded in 1975 when she was still married to "Roy Budd"and he has produced was recorded in England and once again it's a typical 70's sound and 70's as so many L/P's before... the "Now" is 1975 not 2012 !!!....She does a good job on the tracks but nothing that you could say was "great"best song for me is the last track "I Wont Last A Day "

P.S. Couldn't find a video for any of the tracks so below is one of my favourite Video's... Hope you like it !!

 1. True Love
2. Laughter In The Rain
3. September Is a Long Time Gone
4. Love Music
5. What I Did For Love
6. Falling In Love With The Wind

1. Be My Love
2. Feelin' Groovy
3. Love Will Come Again
4. Put A Little Love Away
5. Love Said Goodbye
6. I Won't Last A Day