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Saturday 27 February 2021

Ella & Dean

Couldn't Resist another one !!

Ella Fitzgerald.

Here's the second L/P of "Ella's first and best "Songbook" series...."Rodgers & Hart" coming soon....thats her second best songbook....wish I had taken a bit more care of the covers as you can see there in a bit of a state !!!....but the contents are stiil great !!

1. I Love Paris.
2. You Do Something To Me
3. Ridin' High
4. Easy To Love
5. It's Alright With Me
6. Why Can't You Behave
7. What Is This Thing Called Love
8. You're The Top

1. Love For Sale
2. It's Delovely
3. Night And Day
4. Ace In The Hole
5. So In Love
6. I've Got You Under My Skin
7. I Concentrate On you
8. Don't Fence Me In

      1. Love For Sale

Wednesday 24 February 2021

20 Folk Favourites.VA.

Seems that we are now going all "Folksy" !!

1. Seven Drunken Nights...The Dubliners
2. Maggie May...The Spinners
3. The Gallawa Hills...Robin Hall & Jimmy MacGregor
4. Brigg Fair...Martin Carthy
5. The Jolly Beggar...The Corries
6. Linstead Market...The Spinners
7. Lullabye For a Mucky Kid...Robin Hall & Jimmy MacGregor
8. I'm a Rover...The Corries
9. The Lark In The Morning...The Dubliners
10. Wild Rover...The Corries

1. A-Roving...The Spinners
2. Lord Of The Dance...The Dubliners
3. The Frog And The Mouse...Robin Hall & Jimmy MacGregor
4. John Peel...The Spinners
5. Johnny Lad...The Corries
6. John Barleycorn...Martin Carthy
7. Carrickfergus...The Dubliners
8. Dirty Old Town...Robin Hall & Jimmy MacGregor
9./ Will Ye Go Lassie Go...The Corries
10. Coney Island Washboard...The Spinners

    5. The Jolly Beggar 

Tuesday 23 February 2021

Robert Byrne & Orchestra

Pulsating sounds from the "Command" Label....Stereo Galore !

1. Limehouse Blues
2. Ebb Tide
3. Talk To The Animals
4. This Heart
5. Spanish Eyes
6. March of The Space Cadets

1. South Rampart St Parade
2. The Sound Of Music
3. El Gato Montes
4. Blue Hawaii
5. Get Me To The Church On Time
      6. March Of The Space Cadets

Elaine Paige.

I did expect to enjoy this L/P more than I did....nothing wrong with it a nice set of songs sung ok but nothing to rave about...It only comes realy alive on the last track !!....BUT I reckon all the "Elaine Paige" fans out there will love it !!!!!

1. Love Hurts
2. Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word
3. This Is Where I Came In 
4. All Things Considered
5. Macarther Park

1. For You
2. My Man And Me
3. Without You
4. The Apple Tree
5. Shaking You
6. I Know Him So Well...with Barbara Dickson

      2. Sorry Seems The Hardest Word 

Sunday 21 February 2021

Acker Bilk

 This one and the next one from "Bob" in Belgium !! Thanks Bob !!

      5. I Can't Get Started

Acker Bilk

So now we have a change supplied by "Bob" from "Belgium"....That cool cool cool sound of the clarinet from the master of that instrument !!!..with some great Hit sounds !

      4. The Fool On The Hill

Friday 19 February 2021

Marlene Dietrich..320 Kbps

Here's a little would need new ears if you thought that Marlene was a good singer but it's the "presence" that comes over....some will love it or some will hate it just like "Marmite" !!....It is a live performance and on the back sleeve it mentions a London live appearance in whether this is from that who knows...but by the quality of the recordings I think maybe it is made up of several of her live performances !!
1. Introduction By Noel Coward
2. The Boys In The Backroom
3. The Laziest Gal in Town
4. Lola
5. I Wish You Love
6. Jonny
1. Lili Marlene
2. Go 'Way From My Window
3. La Vie En Rose
4. Honeysuckle Rose
5. Falling In Love Again

Maurice Chevalier

Always something different from Bob and as the cover says "Movie Hits" and you can tell by the recordings its definatly "early"!!

      7. You Bought A New kind Of Love To Me

Wednesday 10 February 2021

Sammy Davis

 Great performances of songs from Sammy with only a guitar for accompaniment...Not many singers are brave enough to do that !...these were recorded in 1957....In 1966 he did another guitar only with Laurindo Almeida which is posted on here October 2016 !
This post has also got some bonus tracks 6 *of them with orchestra....Cheers And Thanks to the person who tacked them on the end !!

1. What Is There To Say
2. Why Shouldn't I
3. Love Me
4. Bewitched
5. I Could Have Told You
6. For All We Know

1. Deep In A Dream
2. I Get Along Without You Very Well
3. Mam'selle
4. Try A Little Tenderness
5. This love Of Mine
6. I've Got A Crush On You
7. It's Bigger Than You And Me*
8. Back Track*
9. Circus*
10. Dangerous*
11. Adelaide*
12. All About Love*

      4. Try A Little Tenderness

Tuesday 9 February 2021

Laurie Johnson & His Orchestra

Some Big Bands sounds now ! before the speakers go haywire with the sounds below !

1. Something's Coming
2. I'm Beginning To See The light
3. Bye Bye Brown Eyes
4. There Comes A Time
5. Once In love With Amy
6. Gigi

1. Funny Face
2. On a Clear Day You Can See Forever
3. Night Of My Nights
4. When Chiquita Says
5. Looking For A Girl
6. My Foolish Heart

      3. Night Of My Nights

Enoch Light

Wa-hay !..36 tracks of percussion ! drifting from one speaker to the other... Command Records at it's best !!......3 L/P's in one place !

      2. La Cucraracha

Tuesday 2 February 2021

Marion Ryan

 Back to the 50's with this songbird !

Marion Ryan (4 February 1931 – 15 January 1999) was a popular British singer in the 1950s.She was once called "the Marilyn Monroe of popular song", Marion Ryan was a pop singer of the 1950s in the early years of British Independent Television. Her song "Love Me Forever" peaked at number five on the UK Singles Chart in 1958. She was the regular singer in the popular musical quiz Spot the Tune on Granada Television for seven years from 1956, with a total of 209 half-hour programmes......With the reference to MM the sound bite can only be !!!

1. A Lady Loves
2. I'll Take Romance
3. I'm Beginning To See The Light
4. Hit The Road To Dreamland
5. This Can't Be Love
6. My Heart Belongs To Daddy

1. Doing What Comes Naturally
2. Over The Rainbow
3. Isn't This A Lovely Day
4. There Will Never Be Another You
5. It Might As Well Be Spring
6. Heat Wave

      6. Heat Wave !!!

Ray Tchicoray & His Orchestra

 Further afield now with some Latin American Rhythms to keep you on the move!!.. just in case of couch potatoitiss !!..but nice and gentle !!

1. Andalucia
2. Cachita
3. La Comparsa
4. Karabali
5. Siboney

1. Malaguena
2. Maracas
3. Canto Indio
4. Babalu
5. Panama
  4. Babalu

Monday 1 February 2021

Dean Martin....320 Kbps

This is a very early L/P of Dean's it's an American release that I Bought when I was in the
Army in the Middle East in 1958...and yes it's me in the photo at the tender age of 21 !

1. Who's Your Little Who-Zis
2. I'm Yours

3. I Feel A Song Coming On
4. Come Back To Sorrento
5. Oh Marie
6. With My Eyes Wide Open

1. Just One More Chance
2. Louise
3. That's Amore
4. I Feel Like A Feather In The Breeze
5. When Your Smiling
6. A Girl Named Mary

      6. With My Eyes Wide Open I'm Dreaming   

Luigi !!

Phew!!!!!....Thats me over 50 years ago !!!!....note the funky record player !!