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Friday, 18 December 2015

Marlene Dietrich..320 Kbps


Here's a little would need new ears if you thought that Marlene was a good singer but it's the "presence" that comes over....some will love it or some will hate it just like "Marmite" !!....It is a live performance and on the back sleeve it mentions a London live appearance in whether this is from that who knows...but by the quality of the recordings I think maybe it is made up of several of her live performances !!
1. Introduction By Noel Coward
2. The Boys In The Backroom
3. The Laziest Gal in Town
4. Lola
5. I Wish You Love
6. Jonny
1. Lili Marlene
2. Go 'Way From My Window
3. La Vie En Rose
4. Honeysuckle Rose
5. Falling In Love Again


espo said...

Enjoy !

Anonymous said...

Good one. Thank you!


Anonymous said...

Many thanks, espo!