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Friday 28 April 2023

British No 1 Hits 1955 & 1956..VA

 Second edition of British No 1's from 1955 & 1956........Some observations and facts of the 50's....Unfortunately all the artists that are featured on this selection, are no longer with us.. with the exception of Tony Bennett !...and I was 18 just about to go in the Army (Royal Signals )

1. The Finger Of Suspicion......Dickie Valentine
2. Mambo Italiano......Rosemary Clooney
3. Softly Softly......Ruby Murray
4. Give Me Your Word.......Tennessee Ernie Ford
5. Cherry Pink And Apple Blossom White......Perez Prado & His Orchestra
6. Stranger In Paradise......Tony Bennett
7. Cherry Pink And Apple Blossom White......Eddie Calvert
8. Unchained Melody......Jimmy Young
9. Dreamboat......Alma Cogan
10. Rose Marie.......Slim Whitman
11. The Man From Laramie......Jimmy Young
12. Hernando's Hideaway......The Johnston Brothers
13. Rock around The Clock......Bill Haley And His Comets
14. Christmas Alphabet......Dickie Valentine

          2. Mambo Italiano

Thursday 27 April 2023

Barbra Streisand.

 This is one of the best of Barbra's early recordings...she has now got control of her voice on the high notes that she usually blasts out...and she sounds much sweeter....she is now the singer on this L/P that we all know now....Saying that I still reckon that her 1 st and 2 nd L/P's take some opinion of course...if you disagree leave a comment !!

P.S. Gather round you "Audiophile's" here's "Barbra" In "Stereo" !!!!!!!

1. My Funny Valentine
2. The Nearness Of You
3. When Sunny Gets Blue
4. Make The Man Love Me
5. Lover Man

1. More Than You Know
2. I'll Know
3. All The Things You Are
4. The Boy Next Door
5. Stout Hearted Men

          3. All The Things You Are

Beethoven Emperor Piano Concerto.

Another dip into the "Classical Bag".....melodies that should be familiar to most of the people that have a good ear !!....Don't know about the lady above with the pirate patch !!!!

Halcyon Highlights..VA

Now this one might someday become a rare one !!....Story is my parents in the 70's had a holiday
 in "St Lucia"and came back with this souvenir...Don't think it's been played very often twice to my knowledge !!...It was produced by the "Hotel Halcyon" where they stayed
I had a check on "Google"but it is now not there... either pulled down or completely refurbished and a name change....The tracks are by musicians and vocalists that performed there...Maybe somebody out there also had a holiday and stayed at the Hotel if so you can always leave a comment !!....overall its a pleasant L/P.... pleasant listening !!!!

1. Welcome...Mighty Prince
2. Tout C'est Meme...Jimmy Heavens & Guy Francis
3. Caribbean Man...Jimmy Heavens
4. It Doesn't Matter...Vincent Phillips
5. One Day In My Life...Lucas Marshall
6. Yellow Bird...Harmony Trio
7. Miss Doris...Mighty Prince

1. Here I Am...Vincent Phillips
2. Ave Maria...Halycon Steel
3. Calypso...Halycon Steel
4. If You Go Away...Emily Buster
5. Fernando...Emily Buster

           3. Calypso        

Swing Something Simple..2..VA

 Here is the second of the Swinging Hits still firmly planted in the 40's and 50's...I bet that record player would be worth something today !!

1. Anything Goes......Tony Bennett & Count Basie
2. I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter......Frank Sinatra
3. Tain't What You Do......Julie London
4. Blueberry Hill......Glenn Miller
5. For Me And My Gal......Judy Garland & Gene Kelly
6. I'll Be Seeing You.....Tommy Dorsey & His Orchestra (Vocal Frank Sinatra)
7. I'll Get By.....Harry James & His Orchestra ( Vocal Dick Haymes)
8. I'm Beginning To See The Light......Ella Fitzgerald & The Ink Spots
9. I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm......Les Brown & His Orchestra
10. My Blue Heaven......The Mills Brothers
11. I Love You For Sentimental Reasons......Nat King Cole
12. Deep In The Heart Of Texas......Bing Crosby
13. I'm In The Mood For Swing......Lionel Hampton
14. Our Love Is Here To Stay......Ella Fitzgerald
15. On A Little Street In Singapore......Glann Miller & His Orchestra
16. On The Sunny Side Of The Street......Tommy Dorsey
17. Some Enchanted Evening......Jo Stafford
18. Summertime......Artie Shaw & His Orchestra
19. Well Did You Evah......Bing Crosby & Frank Sinatra
20. You Make Me Feel So Young......Frank Sinatra
21. I Don't Want To Set The World On Fire.....The Ink Spots
22. Singin' In The Rain......Roy Fox & His Orchestra
23. You'll Never Know......Dick Haymes
24. You Always Hurt The One You Love.....The Mills Brothers
25. Sing Me A Swing Song.......Ella Fitzgerald & Chick Webb Orchestra

           1. Anything Goes
           10. My Blue Heaven

Sunday 23 April 2023

The Hi -Lo's.

 This group along with "The Four Freshman"made some great L/P's in the 50's/60's and here is one of them...there is no one nowday's that comes anywhere near for close harmonies !!!

1. Surry With The Fringe On Top
2. Birth Of The Blues
3. You Took Advantage Of Me
4. Summertime
5. Too Young For The Blues

1. Chinatown My Chinatown
2. Shadow Waltz
3. You Must Have Been a Beautiful Baby
4. long Ago and far Away
5. Clap Yo' Hands

      3. You Took Advantage Of Me.

The Importance Of Being Ernest

 I should imagine that quite a number of people might be thinking at this point "What the hell is a couple of "Spoken" L/P's doing on a Music Blog" !!....Well now Hummmmmmmm let me think !!...No idea !! except "Variety is the spice of life"!!!!....AND there's not many places that you can listen to a "British Sir & Dame" squashed between "Dusty Springfield" & "The Hi-Lo's" !!!...Go on give it a download you might enjoy it !!!!!!...
You have of course on the cover of L/Ps No 1 "The Dame" and No 2 is of course "The Sir" !!!

This post is from April here it is again but not in the same composition as before...I have managed to join all the sides into one file that lasts over 1 Hour 30 it will like a Podcast or a Radio today we have loads of topical Talking Platforms and Podcasts that only involves talking and listening so if you are a Radio Play or Podcast enthusiast this could be a treat for you...Like a Blog Podcast !!..A reminder how we British used to talk in bygone days.... you won't hear an "Ee By Gum" or a 
"Ay Up Me Duck"  !!!.........So if you have a hour and a half to spare and do nothing.. put your feet up and listen !!

Dusty Springfield.

This is Dusty at her best 13 classic tracks not a duff one on this L/P....Dusty at her peak !!
And a great standout track is (Drumroll) !!!!!...."I had A Talk With My Man"...Pure "Dusty" Magic !!!!

1. Won't Be Long
2. Oh No Not My Sweet Baby
3. Long After Tonight Is All Over
4. La Bamba
5. Who Can i Turn To
6. Doodlin'

1. If It Don't Work Out
2. That's How Heartaches Are Made
3. It Was Easier To Hurt Him
4. I've Been Wrong Before
5. I Can't Hear You
6. I Had A Talk To My Man
7. Packin' Up

           6. I Had A Talk With My Man

Thursday 20 April 2023

Tony Bennett

This is the last of the Columbia singles from Tony Bennett...

1. Ask Anyone In Love
2. Smile
3. Climb Every Mountain
4. Ask Me
5. I'll Bring You A Rainbow
6. Put On A Happy Face
7. Baby Talk To Me
8. The Best Is Yet To Come
9. Marry Young
10. Follow Me
11. Marriage Go Round
12. Somebody
13. Ramona
14. Baby Dream Your Dream
15. The Glory Of Love
16. Before We Say Goodbye
17. Walkabout
18. How Beautiful Is Night With You

          5. I'll Bring You A Rainbow

Wacky Favorites Crazy Hits

Now we go Wacky with some Crazy hits tracks !!!

1. Skinny Minnie.......Bill Haley
2. Running Bear......Johnny Preston
3. Monster Mash......Bobby Boris Pickett
4. The Purple People Eater......Sheb Wooley
5. You Can't Skate In A Buffalo Herd......Roger Miller
6. Winchester Cathedral......New Vaudeville Band
7. Gimme Dat Ding......Pipkins
8. Spiders And Snakes......Jim Stafford
9. A Boy Named Sue (Live)......Johnny Cash
10. When You're Hot You're Hot......Jerry Reed
11. The Streak Ray Stevens
12. Disco Duck Pt 1......Rick Dees & His Cast Of Idiots

           10 When You're Hot You're Hot.      

Werner Muller & His Orchestra

Grab your partners for a whirl around the room doing the Tango !!...Just like the couple above !!.......Some classical melodies given the Tango treatment plus a wordless chorus (Ala Conniff).....some great sounds in this one !

1. Habanera
2. Elixir Of Love
3. Polovstian Dances
4. M'Appari
5. Dance Of The Hours
6. Traumerei

1. Nabucco
2. Pastorale
3. Solveig's Song
4. Tango Albeniz
5. Barcarole
6. You Are My Hearts Delight

          5. Dance Of The Hours

Wednesday 19 April 2023

Music Blog to check out !!

 If you want a more diverse selection of Albums / LP's not so Retro as my blog... with a great discription and comment about the content and personal views of the artists and content then give this Music Blog a shot !!!./ the title say's 1,000 albums to check out the best of !!

Della Reese

Crash ! Bang ! Wallop ! Wooooooooop's !! From the USA to Belguim in a matter of seconds !! need for a Time Machine !...just cruise along with the air-waves !! and listen to what Bob has to offer !!

          4. Its Magic

Tuesday 18 April 2023

Peter Starstedt..

The Hit song is the title of this L/P must have been an Advertisers Dream !!...because it mentions just about everything and everybody....Its a simple melody repeated over and over again but its works and a hit song is born !!...and the lyrics are great and makes perfect sense !!
The video is great too....I wonder if the hair style and moustache's will ever come back !!!
When I first saw this L/P I thought that I only knew the Title track but I was surprised how many of the other tracks I knew "Take Of Your Clothes" was a bit risque for the late 60's 1969 to be precise.And I remembered "Frozen Orange Juice"

1. Where Do You Go To My Lovely
2. Sons Of Cain Are Able
3. Boulevard
4. Every Word You Say Is Written Down
5. Time Was Leading us Home
6. Take Of Your Clothes

1. Frozen Orange Juice
2. I Am A Cathederal
3. Once Upon An Everyday
4. As Though It Were A Movie
5. You're A Lady
6. Without Darkness There Is No Light

          1. Frozen Orange Juice

Peter Sarstedt - Where Do You Go To My Lovely (1969)

Bee Gees.

Ok lets move to the 80's 1989 to be precise and "Bee Gees" singing there own songs as only they can hit's on this one...unless I missed one !!!

1. Ordinary Lives
2. One
3. Bodyguard
4. It's My Neighborhood
5. Tears

1. Tokyo Nights
2. Flesh And Blood
3. Wish You Were Here
4. House Of Shame
5. Will You Ever Leave Me
          4. Its In My Neighborhood

Monday 17 April 2023

Tommy Steele.

The "Festival" is in "Torbay" so Tommy informs us at the begining of his performance don't know what year it is there is no year on the cover or on the L/P...Maybe someone out there in Torbay could tell us !!!.....This is a great concert and shows how Tommy evolved from a "Rock & Roll" singer into an Entertainer......I remember seeing him in the 50's in Gloucester when I was in the army....he was heckled quite a bit with folks shouting out Elvis !! Elvis!!....Found the video below which is also great !!!....Seems like the concert goer has gone and got another signing !!

1. Tommy Baby
2. I'm a Song
3. Handful Of Songs
4. Flash Bang Wallop
5. Bridge Over Troubled Waters
6. Little White Bull
7. Rock On
8. Johnny Be Good

1. Sweet Caroline
2. Rock With The Caveman
3. Nairobi
4. Water Water
5. Butterfingers
6. Singing The Blues
7. Hey Jude
8. Maybe Its Because I'm a Londoner


Tommy Steele -'Bridge Over Troubled Water' -1979

Rod Stewart.

I think that this L/P must have been one of my sisters favourite ones because it is very scratchy but a least it doesn't jump !!...except the music of course !!...interesting track is "That's Alright" because at the end we have "Amazing Grace" !!!

1. Every Picture Tells A Story
2. Seems Like A Long Time 
3. That's Alright
4. Tomorrow Is A Long Time 

1. Maggie May
2. Mandolin Wind
3. I Know I'm Losing You
4. Reason To Believe

          3. That's Alright

Gladys Knight & The Pips.

Here's an L/P that does live up to it's "Title" !!!..definatly a good "Best Of" including the great "Live" recording of "The Way We Were / Try To Remember !!

1. Make Yours A Happy Home
2. Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me
3. I Feel A Song In My Heart
4. Part Time Love
5. The Going Up's And The Comming Downs
6. Midnight Train To Georgia

1. On And On
2. Where Peaceful Waters Flow 
3. I've Got To Use My Imagination
4. I Can See Clearly Now
5. The Way We Were / Try To Remember

          1. Make Yours A Happy Home

Sunday 16 April 2023

Rondo Veneziano

I realy don't know much about this L/P...It Says on the cover "Top Hit In Italy" I wonder if it was a hit in England !!...Maybe year 2000 was the year I was asleep !!!...But I definatly like the music "Symphonic " with a beat !!!


Saturday 15 April 2023

Missing Comments and Links

 Regarding the file downloads......I have been having trouble with the Bots sometimes flagging my comments which contain the link to the download, so there is no comment on the post, and so what I have to do is everytime I come on to the computer is tick the comment to say it is not spam and it re-appears....if the link is there and you click it and get a 404 page saying that the file is not available then that means that the particular file has not been downloaded for 40 is what ImageNet says.....Time on Files unlimited as long as the file or image keeps downloading. If the file has not been downloaded within 40 days, it will be automatically deleted."
So if you want the download file then request it and I will re-post it for you...I am slowly going through the old posts and Re-Posting them but it does take a bit of time....Cheers

Wednesday 12 April 2023

Tony Bennett

We now have a 44 track of the complete Carnegie Hall Concert in 1962.

Following the runaway success of the hit single “I Left My Heart In San Francisco,” in early-1962, Tony Bennett was invited to perform at New York's famed Carnegie Hall for the third time. Pairing one of the greatest singers of all-time and one of the world's best music venues - as well as Bennett's favourite - yielded stunning results. Recorded on June 9, 1962, the revered Tony Bennett At Carnegie Hall album includes sublime studio quality renditions of “I Left My Heart In San Francisco,” "Just in Time," "April in Paris," "Stranger In Paradise," "Blue Velvet," "Rags To Riches," and "Because Of You" - amidst production by Ernie Altschuler and first rate accompaniment from Ralph Sharon and His Orchestra, Al Cohn (tenor saxophone), Kenny Burrell (guitar) and Candido Camero (percussion).

         8. I Left My Heart In san Francisco.
         9. I Like New York In June How About You / April In Paris

Vince Hill.

A good collection of songs sung by "Vince" who as I have said before was a very underrated singer and should have had more hits than he did....He is still with us but has now retired from singing and is living with his family in "Oxfordshire"

1. The Way I Am
2. The Hungry Years
3. Don't let Me Know
4. Loving Arms
5. You Don't Bring Me Flowers
6. When You Walk Through Life 
7. Sometimes When We Touch

1. While The Feelings Good
2. Just When I Needed You Most
3. Country Rose
4. Three Times A Lady
5. Ordinary People
6. Better Than Ever

         1. The Way I Am

Stanley Black & The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

If you are dozing in "The Land Of Nod" with the last post...then "WAKEY WAKEY" and get your "Spectacular" dancing shoes on and have a "Whirl" we are stil in "Belguim" courtesy of "Bob"so plenty of time to dance the night away till the journey across the channel gets you home !!!

           2. Hungarian Dance No 5

Johnny Mathis

This collection of JM comes via "Belgium Bob"...tracks taken from previous L/P releases !!
The tracks in the download are not in the same order as the back cover.

            7. Oh That Feeling