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Sunday, 22 January 2017

Guy Mitchell.320 Kbps

Another blast from the past 50's again !! age of innocence !!....great tunes with unsophisticated titles and lyrics !!...what were the song writers on !!!....I doubt whether we will hear anything like these today !!..What is "The Po Po" !!!.....but great nostalgia !!!!! and I love Um !!!!

1. My Heart Cries For You
2. The Roving Kind
3. Sparrow In The Tree Top
4. My Truly Truly Fair 
5. Belle Belle My Liberty Belle 
6. Pittsburg Pennsylvania
7. Feet Up Pat Him On The Po Po
8. Cause I Love You That a Why

1. Ninety Nine Years
2. Singing The Blues
3. Knee Deep In The Blues
4. Rock a Billy
5.  Heartaches By The Number
6. My Shoes Keep Walking Back To You 
7. Call Rosie On The Phone
8. She Wears Red Feathers

04. My Truly Truly Fair.mp3