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Monday, 24 April 2017

3 x 45's

1. The Challange....Instrumental
2. The Challange....Chris Thompson

1. Hold That Dream....Franzisca
2. Be With You....Franzisca

1. Ich Bin Der Mann Von Dem man Traumt
2. Diese Scheibe Ist Ein Hit



espo said...

Enjoy !

Anonymous said...

Challenge, dear boy, CHALLENGE

And I challenge you to review your spelling and use of punctuation, particularly quotation marks.

espo said...

Hi Anonymous...Thanks for your comment and I hope you are enjoying this blog despite the spelling punctuation and quotation marks true there might be an occasional word misspelled but nobody is perfect the punctuation and quotation marks I put in when I would like the reader and looker in of this blog to ponder and think why I emphasize
lay stress on (a word or phrase) when speaking but of course I am not speaking so on goes the quotation marks and the reader might be persuaded to do a download and see and hear what all the fuss is about giving that the computer and mobile phones via social media has been inventing its own language since its concept LOL ect I would think that a few bending rules of the English language would be ok being this is going all over the world to people of different languages who might not understand punctuation and quotation marks
dear boy has the CHALLENGE been met Luigi

Trumark said...

Thank you!