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Monday, 10 April 2017

VA. One Night Stand.320 Kbps

Thought there was something wrong with my back pocket !!...just realised I'd got some L/P's left over from my last visit to New York !! via John's Record Store here they are !!
Here's a rarity a concert with some English pop singers from all the screaming girls !!



espo said...

Enjoy !

Trumark said...

Thank You!

Jan V said...

Thank you for this Nostalgie.

Terry Peck said...

Well expo, you've got me out of my armchair and into the loft to fetch my scrapbook for 1963. I remember attending this concert, but the details were hazy (to say the least!) Turns out it was held on Friday, May 17th 1963 - I have the ticket stub which confirms I attended the second performance (8.45pm) and paid 7s 6d for a circle seat. In addition to the artists (!?@) on the recording, she show also featured performances by Billie Davis, Jet (Harris) & Tony (Meehan), Duffy Power and Bick Ford. The package was titled "All Stars '63". My memory is distant, mainly because we attended so many of these package shows - many promoted by Larry Parnes. Amazing to think they all must have done about 15-20 minutes. I recently attended a Fairport Convention concert (Stables, Wavendon) and they did over 2 hours, and indeed Bruce Springsteen performed for 3 and a half hours plus when I saw him last year at Wembley. Time change, eh. Thanks for this nostalgic reminded of my youth (I was 20 at the time).