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Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Rita Reys

Just about manage to squeeze this one in my back pocket !..Oooops its just fallen out !! I will have to carry it under my arm...will have to steer the carpet back home one handed !!!
another one from the fantastic voice of Rita every track a winner !!!....thanks John for letting me wander about your store....whooosh I'm off !!!!!

1. Old Devil Moon
2. Star Eyes
3. The Song Is You
4. Keeping Myself for You
5. Falling In Love With Love
6. Spring Can Realy Hang You Up The Most 

1. He's My Guy
2. There's No Greater love
3. Please be Kind
4. Where Are you
5. They Didn't Believe Me
6. Only A Moment Ago

11. they didn't believe me.mp3