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Sunday, 4 November 2018

Dottie Clark

Here's two from John that are entirely new to me !...shades of Dinah Washington & Nancy Wilson !! so  join me in a new experience....Thanks John !

1. I'm Lost Without You Tonight
2. Come Back To Me
3. The More I See You
4. Tell Me
5. Please Send me Someone To Love
6. Gone Again

1. Not Without You
2. What's A Poor fool To Do
3. Everyone Has Someone
4. I'm Crying
5. Well Alright Ok You Win
6. Take Me

2 Whats A Poor Fool To Do


espo said...

DL !

espo said...

DL 1

Scoredaddy said...

excellent-sounding rip!! thanks for a great job on this

JennyD said...

Oooooo, she is great! And I completely agree with you that she is a perfect cross between Washington and Wilson. I am really enjoying this! Thank you so much :D
(Haha, washington and wilson: sounds like presidents; should have said Dinah and Nancy)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Luigi ;) One reason why I love to follow your blog is because once in awhile you surprise us with great unknown artists like this one... Never heard of her I guess I never would have if you haven't share this... Hugs from TkL from one nordic country

george said...

Many thanks, Luigi!

Anonymous said...

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Marco Molina said...

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Stu Blag said...

Please re up this rarity! thanks

Pete Cost said...

Links don't work. Can you re-upload, please? Thanks so much!!!

Daddy Squeeze Me! said...

Can you please re upload this? I am dying to hear.