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Monday, 21 November 2011


Thanks for pointing out that mistake...have now put it right...hope theres no more singers getting mixed up....

C Box

Well now just found a new way of making a comment ...just leave a msg on the c box at the side...Thanks Dea for putting it on yours and giving me the idea..just hope it works..

Thanks RonH

Thank you RonH for making a I know that that part of my blog works ok I will have to be patient and wait for more people to make comments....As for the "Classics With A Chaser"....Those two "Debussy" tracks are not on the English Release...I only assumed that they had copyright trouble....maybe somebody out there knows why and can enlighten us !!...cheers..

Sunday, 20 November 2011


I am still wondering if anybody can post any comments to my site..because apart from friends and one from Australia...I havn't had any....maybe it's a case of me ticking or unticking a box somewhere...soooooo if anybody has tried to make a comment and it has'nt gone thro'........well I was going to say "Leave a Comment"....but that's going to be a bit difficult if you can't........HELP!!!!!!! anybody !!!!!!