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Friday, 16 November 2012

The Four Freshmen....320 Kbps

These guy's along with "The Hi Lo's" are the best in "Jazz" orientated vocal groups I think that they set the "Benchmark" for all the  Jazz groups that came after !!....It was "Stan Kenton"who first heard them and recomended to the record company....I believe that they are still performing today...but not the original guy's...I think that they have gone through quite a number of personal changes but I believe the "Freshman" Sound is still there !!!

1. Love
2. You Stepped Out Of A Dream
3. I Remember You
4. The Last Time I Saw Paris
5. Street Of Dreams
6. Our Love Is Here To Stay

1. Love Is Just Around The Corner
2. You Made me Love You
3. The Nearness Of You
4. Mam'selle
5. Speak Low
6. Guilty

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Judy !!

Judy Garland's "Judy & Alone" are now re-posted at 320 Kbps and are now on "Zippyshare" !!

Judy In Love !!

"Judy In Love" is now reposted at 320 Kbps on "Zippyshare"...They have a rule that if a file has not been downloaded for 30 days then they will delete it..Soooooo if anybody tries to download a file and it has been deleted leave me a comment on the bottom of the post or a msg in the "Chat Box" at the side of the Blog and I will re-post the file !!!

Monday, 12 November 2012

Petula Clark....320 Kpbs

This Petula L/P was the only one that she recorded for MGM....obviously in america there is not much information on the back cover I think it was probably 1972 or thereabouts Pets in good voice and the tracks are a mixture pop tunes... and one written by her and one by Tony Hatch & Jackie Trent....The arrangments are by "Don Costa" who has done most of "Eydie Gorme's" L/Ps so they are cool !!...(Now is 1972)....not 2012 !!

1. Wedding Song (There Is Love)
2. Solitaire
3. Don't Hide Your Love
4. Shelter
5. Mother Of Us All

1. Baby I'm Yours
2. My Guy
3. Your Heart Is Free
4. Nothing Succeeds Like Succees
5. Song Without End
6. Its A Musical World

Randy Edelman....320 Kpbs

There is a bit of a story that goes with this L/P....I was listening to the radio in the early 70's and heard a song called "The Woman On Your Arm"...I didn't catch the name of the singer so I had to resort to song title catalogue's in record shops to try and find it....these days you would google it and there it would be !!...but in the distant 70's you had to rely on record shops....but I drew a blank every shop I went too couldn't find it...I was disappointed because I thought it was a great song...I did try for a while but still had no luck so I more or less forgot about it.....THEN I was looking in a junk shop that sold second hand records and found this one....didnt take much notice of it it was in a box of about 100 not much was there but I did pick it up and look at the track was just a fluke and lo and behold "The Woman On You Arm" was looking up at me !! I asked if the track could be played in the shop they did have a record player just to make sure it was the right song and "Bingo" it was..and it only cost 50p !!
The L/P is a great one all the songs are written by "Randy" and like "Don McLean" each song tells a story which is great not like some of the random lyrics of todays songs !!....another great track is "I Am A Dancer" after all my hype I hope everybody who downloads it enjoys it !!

1. Bluebird
2. Pistol Packin' Melody
3. I Am A Dancer
4. Where Did We Go Wrong
5. Stan The Pantsman

1. You Are The Sunlight I Am The Moon
2. The Woman On Your Arm
3. Isn't It A Shame
4. Everbody Wants To Call You Sweetheart
5. June Lullaby