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Thursday, 30 January 2014

Andy Ross Sing A-Long...320 Kpbs

Now here's one for all the party goer's out there who like a good sing a-long...all the old songs are there and it's very different BUT I reckon everybody should sing a-long at some point in time !!! it's good for the lungs especially if its played and sung at full volume !!!

Thank's Once again "Bob"!!!!

Acker Bilk...320Kpbs

This L/P and the next one comes from "Bob" from "Belgium" and there are more to come from him !!...Thanks once again Bob I hope every one enjoys them as much as I am doing....
Now lets get to the content !!!...Acker has a go at 20 of the popular songs of the last 30 years including his two hits "Stranger On The Shore" and "Aria" Its a very soothing sound and its a great L/P !!

1. Stranger On The Shore
2. Autumn Leaves
3. Windmills Of Your Mind
4. Yesterday
5. Words
6. Aria
7. Misty
8. Until It's Time For You To Go 
9. Close To You
10. If You Go Away

1. Amazing Grace
2. Bridge Over Troubled Waters
3. This Guy's In Love With You
4. Feelings
5. Clair
6. You light Up My Life
7. When A Child Is Born
8. What A Wonderful World
9. Miss You Nights
10. Aranguez Mon Amour

Frank Sinatra...320 Kpbs

 From one iconic L/P to another....Just about the best vocal swinging L/P that has been recorded !!

P.S. The arrangements by "Nelson Riddle" helped 100% in lifting Sinatra's Singing to new heights after his "Bobby Sox" Days of the 40's when he sang with the big bands and gave him the edge of the other band singers !!! and he didn't look back!!!!

1. You Make Me Feel So Young
2. It Happened In Monterey
3. Your Getting To Be A Habit With Me
4. You Brought A New Kind Of Love To Me
5. Too Marvelous For Words
6. Old Devil Moon
7. Love is Here Too Stay

1. I've got You Under My Skin
2. I Thought About You
3. We'll Be Together Again
4. Makin' Whoopee
5. Swingin' Down The Lane
6. Anything Goes
7. How About You

Leo Sayer...320 Kbps

This is one of Leo's first recordings containing his first hit song....The Lyrics to all the songs on this L/P was written by Leo it was produced by Adam Faith !!!

1. Innocent Bystander
2. Goodnight Old Friend
3. Drop Back
4. Silverbird
5. The Show Must Go On
6. The Dancer

1. Tomorrow 
2. Don't Say Its Over
3. Slow Motion
4. Oh Wot A Life
5.Why Is Everybody Going Home