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Monday, 24 November 2014

Johnnie Ray..

A real"Blast from the past"circa the "50's also from "Bob"...."Johnnie" Singing most of his hits.... They don't sing em' like that today !!....great "Somebody Stole My Gal" always loved that one !!


Barbra Streisand...320 Kbps

 This is Barbra's first L/P recorded in 1963....I think it took her about 4 L/P's before she got complete control of her voice....saying that it's still a fantastic L/P....I first heard of her on a T/V show called "The Bernard Braden Show"...BOY that's going back some years !!!...I think I must have been the first person to buy her L/P had to order it because no one had even heard of her and it took about a fortnight before I finally got it...6 Months later everybody was "Streisand " Mad !!

1. Cry Me A River
2. My Honey's Loving Arms
3. I'll Tell The Man In The Street
4. A Taste Of Honey
5. Who's Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf 
6. Soon It's Gonna Rain

1. Happy Days Are Here Again
2. Keepin' Out Of Mischief Now
3. Much More
4. Come To The Supermarket In Old Peking
5. A Sleepin' Bee

Guy Denys..

From the Trumpet to the Organ!!...Via Belgium !!...cheers "Bob"....another rip roaring sound of some well known songs....

Eddie Calvert

This one is courtesy of "Bob" and the "Trumpet Man " from England !!


Sunday, 23 November 2014

Count Basie & The Alan Copeland Singers...320 Kbps


If I didn't know I would think that it was "The Mike Sammes Singers"that was singing on this L/P....but that does not distract from it being a good set of songs and a good L/P...Basie swinging with his "One Note Piano Style"and "The Alan Copeland Singers" just doing that !!

1. Happiness Is
2. I Surrender Dear 
3. Oh Lady Be Good
4. You Are My Sunshine
5. Until I Met You
6. Candy

1. Down By The Old Mill Stream
2. Fantastic That's You
3. One For My Baby
4. Girl Talk
5. Call Me