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Friday, 21 August 2015

Vera Lynn

There are some singers that everything has been said about them and "Vera" is one of them so "Nuff" said from me !!!..Its all on the Back sleeve which is great !! ...for a change !!
This one and the previous one was courtesy of "Bob"


Jerry Vale

Some Italian Songs now at least I know "Jerry Vale" is an American singer that's about as far as I know so let the voice and songs do the talking !!


Joe Dolan.

I had to read up on "Wikipedia" about "Joe" because the name rang a bell but not the songs...seems that he was more popular on the continent than in England although he had several top hits here (must have been asleep) !!!.... a very good introduction is this L/P from "Bill" worth listening too if like me "Joe Dolan" is new to you !!
Must Admit I'm playing it a lot !!! I like his voice !!


Lulu..320 Kbps

As its says on the back cover "Pint Sized Lulu" singing most of her early hits from the 60's with the help of "Mickie Most " !!...A bit shakey on "Without Him" but comes into her own with all the rest....She is still as good today as she was when she recorded this...Yes her voice has changed but the experience and talent shines through !!!

1. Lets Pretend
2. I'm A Tiger
3. Love Loves To Love Love 
4. You And I
5. To Sir With Love
6. March

1. The Boat That I Row
2. Boom Bang-A-Bang
3. Without Him
4. Me The Peaceful Heart
5. Boy
6. Dreary Days And Nights

Golden Songs...320 Kbps

A very nice compilation spanning the 50's 60's & 70's now with a surprise track (to me that is) !! said track is the "Liza Minnelli" one of "Try To Remember"...I must say thaty if it was not there in black and white or should I say blue & white !! I would never had guessed it was her !!

1. Rambling Rose...Nat King Cole
2. Born Free...Matt Monro
3. Maybe This Time...Liza Minnelli
4. Bridge Over Troubled Waters...Nancy Wilson
5. Love Is Blue...Al Martino
6. Thats Amore...Dean Martin

1. Volare...Dean Martin
2. What Now My Love...Al Martino
3. I Taught Him Everything He Knows...Ella Fitzgerald
4. Try To Remember...Liza Minnelli
5. When I Fall In Love...Nat King Cole
6. Fever...Peggy Lee


Helmut Zacharias.

Up pops the "Magic Violins Ensemble" again for all you "Easy Listening Folks"...Must say i do like the Violin sound that Bob keeps sending So enjoy !!!


Cannon & Ball...320 Kbps

Now we have an English comedy Duo from the 80's popular on TV with their "Cannon & Ball" show !! with all the comic duo's shades of "Abbott & Costello" "Laurel & Hardy" Lewis & Martin" was all incorporated in their shows, and this L/P shows that once the comic stints are over both have decent voices...nothing to get exited about but still easy on the ear !!...The "Diamond" in the bundle of songs is definitely "Let Me Rock You"....don't know which one has the "Gravely"voice but it should have been featured more than it was !!!


The Geoff Love Singers...320 Kbps

When I was listening to this one a thought came into my head !!..was "The Mike Sammes Singers" doing some "Moonlighting" !!...very similar sound...So off to "Google" but drew a blank...information about "Geoff Love" but no mention of "The Singers " it remains a mystery unless someone had some info to pass on !!!
After listening to it a couple of times I don't think TMSS were responsible something is missing That distinct sound is not there !!

1. The Very Thought Of You
2. You Make Me Feel Brand New
3. I'll Get By
4. He Was Beautiful 
5. I Wish You Love
6. As Time Goes By
7. My Prayer

1. Love Me Tender
2. Just The Way You Are
3. Unforgettable
4. The Shadow Of Your Smile
5. Love Walked in
6. Smoke gets in Your Eyes
7. Someone To Watch Over me


Johnny Mathis.

Here's a double helping of JM supplied by the "Guy" across the channel !!...seems to be a compilation of mixed tracks from some of his L/P's some I have not heard before so its a good selection...Thanks "Bill" !!!...


Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Shelly Manne & Friends...320 Kbps

 Thought that I would give all you Jazz lovers out there a treat and include this L/'s another cool one a bit more on the "Jazzy" side than the "My Fair Lady" L/P but still worth a listen....There is more improvisations in the tunes but you can still recognise them....Andre Previn is a great pianist....The "Friends" only got together for the L/P sessions and from what I found out they only made 3 L/P's on the Contempory Label...

1. Jubilation T Cornpone
2. The Country's In The Very Best Of Hands
3. If I Had My Druthers
4. Unnecessary Town
5. Matrimonial Stomp

1. Progress Is The Root Of All Evil
2. Oh Happy Day
3. Namely You
4. Past My Prime


The Card...320 Kbps



 A while ago in fact a couple of years ago a friend of mine was getting rid of most of his L/P's making way for a collection of CD's....most of them were from Broadway and London shows I said I would have them hence the occasional ones from "Shows" some obscure and some well known....So here goes one "The Card"...Don't think it was a roaring success in the "West End" it only lasted for 130 Performances....but it's nice to hear Millicent Martin !!!

 1. Hallelujah....The Company
2. Nine Till Five....Jim Dale & Company
3. Lead Me....Millicent Martin
4. Universal White Kid Gloves....John Savident & Millicent Martin & Company
5. Nobody Thought Of It....Jim Dale & Company
6. Moving On....Millicent Martin
7. That Once A Year Feeling....Marti Webb & Company
8. Come Along And Join Us....Jim Dale & Company

1. That's The Way The Money Grow's....Jim Dale & Marti Webb & Alan Norburn
2. I Could Be The One....Marti Webb
3. The Card....The Company
4. Opposite Your Smile....Jim Dale & Marti Webb
5. Nothing Succeeds Like Success....Millicent Martin & Jim Dale &  Company
6. The Right Man....John Savident & Jim Dale & Millicent Martin & Company
7. Nobody Thought Of It....Marti Webb & Jim Dale
8. Finale....The Company

Monday, 17 August 2015

Nelson Riddle & Orchestra..320 Kbps


Here's an L/P that's very interesting in the fact that you might be waiting to hear "Sinatra" "Ella" " Peggy" or even "Nat King Cole" to come in at some point....BUT no its just "Nelson Riddle" on his own...on the back it say's it's a party record and people should be dancing to it...but it's better just to sit down and have a quiet listen it's a Good Un'...I first heard it at my local Cinema "Savoy"they played some tracks in the Interval for quite some time so I went and asked the manager what the record was and here it is from the late 50's !!

1. Let's Face The Music And Dance
2. You Are My Lucky Star
3. You And The Night And The Music
4. Younger Than Springtime
5. You Leave Me Breathless
6. Your An Old Smoothie

1. Then I'll Be Happy
2. I Get Along Without You Very Well
3. I Can't Escape From You
4. Have You Got Any Castles Baby
5. Darn That Dream
6. Let Yourself Go

Sammy Davis..Golden Boy...320 Kbps

 As with all musical shows and films if you have not seen them, then the "Soundtracks" and "Music And Songs From" wont mean much to you unless the songs are a "Rip Roaring" Hits......Unfortunatly this L/P doesn't have any well known hits on unless as I said you have seen the show its just a pleasent set of non-discript songs....sung well as only "Sammy Davis" does !!!

1. Workout....The Boxers
2. Night Song....Sammy Davis
3. Everything's Great....Kenneth Tobey &  Paula Wayne
4. Gimme Some....Terrin Miles & Sammy Davis
5. Stick Around....Sammy Davis
6. Don't Forget 127th Street....Sammy Davis & Company
7. Lorna's Here.....Paula Wayne
8. This Is The Life....Billy Daniels & Sammy Davis

1. Golden Boy....Paula Wayne
2. While The City Sleeps.....Billy Daniels
3. Colourful....Sammy Davis
4. I Want To Be With You....Sammy Davis & Paula Wayne
5. Can't You See It....Sammy Davis
6. No More....Sammy Davis & Company
7. Finale--The Fight....The Orchestra