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Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Ruth Price

Cross over the channel now for some L/P's from "Bob"....not heard of "Ruth Price" before so this one is new to me and I love "Live" performances so give it a try and leave a comment !!

Tony Christie

English Singer "Tony Christie" over the Pond !!..and not a sign of "Amarillo" !!


The Dells

How's about some "Do Wop" now !!

Tommy Dorsey & Orchestra

From "Do Wop" to swing !!...hits from the past 1937 - 1947 a span of 10 years....some further info on the back of the L/P....some great sounds that will live forever !!

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Shirley Bassey

No apologies for posting this one !!...even if most of the tracks are on other L/P's that have been posted on here !!..there is still a couple that are not !!...anyway you can't get enough of "Dame Shirl" !!...and its great to hear her early recordings !! so relax and enjoy the sound !!!

Will Glahe

Its been great at "Bob's place in "Belgium" so we will leave with arousing "Polka " music to some well known tunes !!.... should keep everybody awake !!!.Thanks "Bob" for the L/P's....

Matt Monro.320.kpbs

We now have "Matt" recorded I guess in US of A with a selection of songs dedicated to the fairer sex !!...hence the title !!! usual with all of Matt's recordings you can't fault them !!! excellent L/P !!

Johnnie Ray.320 Kbps

A couple of E/P's now for a change !!!..nostalgic at it's best !!!....just left school and had my first job when these tracks were Hits !!!.....Memories !! Memories !!!

1. Just Walking In The Rain 
2. The Little White Cloud That Cried
3. Cry
4. Walking my baby Back Home

Kay Starr.320 Kbps

The great husky voice of "Kay" doing some great songs of the time !!

Tracks  2 & 3 are in (STEREO)

Caterina Valente.320 Kbps

Caterina sings all songs in German and I have found a "Google Translation" of the songs so blame "Google" if they read a little strange !!.....I think thay did a direct translation and that never works 100% !!

1. Wenn Es Nacht wird in Den Stadten (When The Night Falls In The Cities)
2. Wer War Der Mann Neben Dir (Who Was The Man Next To You)
3. C'est Tres Chique (C'est Tres Chique)
4. Sailors Nightclub In Golden Frisco
5. Charly Zund die Kerzen An (Charly Zund The Candles)
6. In Allen Kniepen Von Soho (In Allen Pubs Of Soho)

1. Der Abend Wird Schon (The Evening Will Be Nice)
2. Blauer Asphalt (Blue Asphalt)
3. Julius Ach Julius (Julius Julius Oh)
4. Schone Schwarze Rose (Beautiful Black Rose)
5. Mexikanischer Wein ( Mexican Wine)
6. Wenn Es Nacht Wird In Den Stadten (When Night Falls In The Cities)

!!!!!..Very Strange..!!!!

Caterina Valente.320Kbps

 The Comments below refer to the last time I posted this L/P !!!

 I started this download session with a "German" flavour so here's another one to end this session !!...Caterina's versions of some popular songs that I'm sure most of you out there will recognise....And no need for "Googling" a translation !!.....Well Maybe !!!!!

1. So Wie Ein Reisanrad
2. Rosen Sind Rot (Roses Are Red)
3. Wenn Ich Die Regentropfen Seh (Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head)
4. Vieni  Vieni
5. Neben Dir
6. Es Gibt Keinen Andren Weg (I Would'nt Have It Any Other Way)

1. Singing My Song
2. Melodie
3. Lab Mich Nicht So Lang Allein
4. Wenn Die Glocken Hell Erklingen
5. Drel Worte Drel Lugen
6. Die Liebe Ist Fur Mich Vorbel ( I'll Never Fall In Love Again )

Mason Williams.320 Kbps

 Now for a little bit of gentle Blue Grass Music (I Think) thats what you would call this L/P....if I'm wrong perhaps someone out there could enlighten me....Whatever it is it's a cool L/P and I like it !!

 1. Here I Am Again....Mason Williams
2. Largo De Luxe....Mason Williams
3. I'm A Yo Yo Man....Rick Cunha
4. A Little Bit Of Time....Suzette Grant
5. Linda Crest Lament....Nacy Ames

1. Little Begger Man/Hamilton County....Bill Cunningham
2. Poor Little Robin....Rick Cunha
3. Godsend....Mason Williams
4. Train Ride In C....Mason Williams
5. Orange Blossom Special....Bill Cunninham & Mason Williams

Caterina Valente.320 Kbps

 With another click of the heels were back in jolly old "Leicester" posting some Re-Posts. !
hope you enjoyed the trip to "New York's Finest Record Shop (Store)" !!

 This is the Television Concert that Caterina did in 1975 on the day that she should have been performing in my home town of "Leicester".....I had booked to see her and was very exited then "Boooooom"got a msg from the ticket office that the performance had been cancelled because of the clash of dates !!!....never did get to see her !!!...which was a pity I would have loved it !!...AHhhhhhhhhh!!!!.C'est La Vie"!!!!!!!!.....There is a slight needle jump near the end of the "Mother Goosenova" Medley !!....BUT not enough to spoil this great recording !!!

1. a. Before The Parade Passes By
    b.  Samba De Orfeu
2. Everybody Gets To Go To The Moon
3. Italian Medley
4. Alla Turka
5. Mother Goosenova Medley
6. a. We've Only Just Begun
    b. You've Got A Friend

1. Scarborough Fair
2. The Windmills Of Your Mind
3. a. Malaguena
    b. The Breeze And I
4. Canto De Ossanha
5. Leaving On A Jet Plane

Marian Montgomery. 320 Kbps

 Change of mood now !I will try to get rid of those niggly jumps BUT if the record is badly scratched all the cleaning and fiddling about will not get rid of it !! Unfortunately once Vinyl is damaged its permanent !!......UNLESS of course someone out there in the "Cosmos" has a miracle solution !!

I take my hat off to the pioneers of the early days of recorded sound because if it wasn't for them we wouldn't be able to hear great things like this L/P....I only wish that today 2015 we had some singers of the calibre of "Marian"unfortunately like so many of the great singers she is no longer with us....This is a great set of songs which she sings faultlessly.....its still great listening to it once again and the best track by far is "Crying Loving Laughing" even better than "Labbi Siffre" who wrote it and recorded it !!.....When I used to listen to "Radio Luxembourg" in the days of steam radio they used the track "Maybe The Morning" as the last song every night to close with !!.....Where oh where are all the talented singers gone... those who can sing in tune and with crystal clear diction are few and far between these days !!!!

 1. Morning Of My Life
2. Sweet Gingerbread Man
3. Walk A Mile In My Shoes
4. You've Got A Friend
5. Love
6. Should There Be A Next Time

1. Maybe The Morning
2. Crying Loving Laughing
3. Ask Yourself Why
4. If You Could Read My Mind
5. It Must Be Love
6. Birds

Marion Montgomery - Close Your Eyes (With Dudley Moore) (Marian)

The King Sisters.320 Kbps

 This L/P has the distinction of being one without any separate tracks to the songs meaning that Side One is a non stop medley of up beat songs and Side Two has the slow ones....Its a very pleasant easy listening L/P with solo's from the four sisters on certain songs...if you like easy listening then this could be the one for you !!

Side One                                                         Side Two

1. Do You Ever Think Of Me                      1. Street Of Dreams
2. Rain                                                           2. Spring Is Here
3. Pagan Love Song                                      3. Ebb Tide
4. The Moon Is Low                                     4. Over The Rainbow
5. I Never Knew                                           5. Don't Get Around Much Anymore
6. Hi Lili Hi Lo                                             6. A Faded Summer Love
7. Taking A Chance on Love                      7. Don't Blame Me
8. Stompin' At The Savoy                           8. Ruby
9. Lullaby In Rhythm                                 9. For All We Know
10. You Stepped Out Of A Dream            10. I Didn't Know About You
11. At Sundown                                          11. love is A Many Splendoured Thing
12. Just Squeeze Me
13. Temptation
14. My Blue Heaven

Jack Jones.320 Kbps


 I think that this L/P will be loved by the "Jack Jones" & "Michel Legrand" purists the most...To me it lacks in the songs that has been chosen....maybe because the majority are not at all familiar to me...saying that JJ is as usual in fine voice and you can't fault the vocals...This of course is MHO !!.........Be a strange world if everybody thought the same !!

 1. The Years Of My Youth
2. Pieces Of Dreams
3. The Windmills Of Your Mind
4. What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life
5. One Day

1. One At A Time
2. Blue Green Grey And Gone
3. I Will Say Goodbye
4. Nobody Knows
5. Sweet Gingerbread Man

Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons.320 Kbps

 The distinctive voice of "Frankie Valli"leads the "Four Seasons" in a 1972 release including the Hit Single "The Night" so the hype says on the front.... It also includes two solo songs from "Frankie"..........It's a bit mean on the "time"   
"Side One"16 mins 43 secs" "Side Two" 16 mins 49 secs"!!!

 1. A New Beginning (Prelude)
2. Sun Country
3. You're A Song  
4. The Night
5. A New Beginning

1. When The Morning Comes
2. Poor Fool
3. Touch The Rainchild
4. Love Isn't Here

Don McLean.320 Kbps

 The lyrics to any Don McLean song are well worth taking note and listening to they make perfect sense and do tell a story if you listen to the tracks on this L/P they all seem to follow on and tell a story...I supose you could call it a concept album....he definatly has a way with words...

 1. Winter Has Me In Its Grip
2. La La Love You
3. Homeless Brother
4. Sunshine Life For Me
5. The Legend Of Andrew McCrew

1. Wonderful Baby
2. You Have Lived
3. Great Big Man
4. Tangled
5. Crying In The Chapel
6 Did You Know