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Saturday, 28 January 2012

Judith Durham For Dusty

This one is a request from "Dusty" wherever he or she is in this wide world !!
The tracks are not from one particular L/P....the tracks are from a collection from the "Readers Digest" called "Herb Alpert And Friends"and the tracks where scattered over 10 L/P's
googled the cover and picked the one that I thought looked good...if you are a fan Dusty I reckon that you might just have these tracks already....Loved her version of "I'm Old Fashioned" A1 first class !!!

Note!!!! look what happens when you leave a comment !!!!

1. Skyline Pigeon                                           6. I'm Old Fashioned                
2. Ferris Wheel                                              7. The Light Is Dark Enough
3. Kaleidoscope                                             8. Wailling Of The Willow
4. Here I Am                                                 9. What Could Be a Better Way
5. Your Heart Is Free                                 10. Climb Every Mountain

Friday, 27 January 2012

Answer To "Anonymous" 26th Jan

This is for "Anonymous" that left a comment on 26th Jan
Blossom Dearie : That's Just The Way I Want To Be (Released in 1970, Rating 5)

I hav'nt got this L/P
Just Googled It hope it helps
1. That's Just the Way I Want to be
2. Long Daddy Green
3. Sweet Surprise
4. Hey John
5. Sweet Georgie Fame
6. Both Sides Now
7. Dusty Springfield
8. Will There Really be a Morning
9. I Know the Moon
10.Inside a Silent Tear
11.Yesterday When I Was Young
12.I Like London in the Rain
Produced by Peter King