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Friday, 12 October 2012

Barbra Streisand....320 Kbps

Now then !!! I have a bit of an issue with this L/P.....BUT before I go into it I have to tell you that it has my all time favourite "Streisand" track and also my second favourite one on it !!
that is...No 1 all time great track..."The Kind Of Man A Woman Needs" No 2..."He Touched Me"....both of these are "Barbra" at her best !!!!......Now comes the moans....I wish that the producers had toned down the orchestra... on some of the tracks I think that it seems like the vocals and orchestra where trying to outdo one another to see who could be louder !!....It is from a TV special show....maybe it's taken from that but I doubt it...I think that Barbra would have gone into the studio to record the tracks...OR maybe I have a faulty interested if any one out there who has the L/P has a pristine one !!...and is different !!
Also have included on track ...6a..."Fanny Brice's" recording of "Second Hand Rose"....hope it doesn't spoil anyones enjoyment of the L/P....But as everyone must be aware that "Funny Girl" was based on her life !!!

1. He Touched Me
2. The Shadow Of Your Smile
3. Quiet Night
4. I Got Plenty Of Nothing
5. How Much Of The Dream Comes True
6. Second Hand Rose
6a. Second Hand Rose....Fanny Brice

1. The Kind Of Man A Woman Needs
2. All That I Want
3. Where's That Rainbow
4. No More Songs For Me
5. Medley
   a. Second Hand Rose
   b. Give Me The Simple Life
   c. I Got Plenty Of Nothing
   d. Brother Can You Spare a Dime
   e. Nobody Knows You When Your Down And Out
   f. Second Hand Rose
   g. The Best Things In Life Are Free


Cashman & West....320 Kbps

This is the second L/P from these guys...Most of the songs are written by them and they are very good....If I had to describe their style of vocals I would say think a cross betwen "Simon & Garfunkle" and "Harry Nillson" and you have them !!
1. Maury
2. Rock Me To Your Music
3. A man Can't Always Be
4. I Could Feel The Morning
5. The Dutchman
1. New York Woman
2. Fly Away
3. Tuna Fish Song
4.Three Stones From The Sun
5. Lifesong


Monday, 8 October 2012

Caterina Valente....320Kbps

This is the first of two that Caterina recorded on the "Pye" label in about 1975 when she was married to "Roy Budd" who she married in 1971 and divorced in 1980...This L/P was produced by "Roy Budd" and on "Side One" all the tracks but one were written by him....Its Caterina in a quiet laid back voice which shows just how a good singer she is....."Side Two" is completely different..she does duets with her brother "Silvio" on two tracks...Three tracks are taken from a live performance in "Germany"....unfortunatly the recordings are not to good which is a pity because I like "live" recordings !!....And she does a very brave recording of "We've Only Just Begun" orchestra just her singing... like acapella...and does a great job....not many singers of today would be brave enough to do that!!!! IMHO !!!!!

1. My Little Friend
2. A Day Alone With You
3. Dying To Live
4. Who Knows The Answers
5. You've Got Me I've Got You
6. I'm Going Back

1. Mother Goosenova
2. Windmills of Your Mind
3. Dominique
4. Malaguena/The Breeze And I
5. We've Only Just Begun
6. Canto De Ossanha

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Link for Nana Mouskouri

Sorry Folks !!....Had a senior moment !!!...and forgot....Link should be ok now....Cheers