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Saturday, 3 November 2012

Don McLean....320 Kbps

Here's a great one by Don....He seems very relaxed on these recordings recorded in 1973....very accoustic with "Banjo's" "Mandolin's" "Violin's" & "Fiddles".....Just a thought anybody knows the difference between a "Violin" and a "Fiddle" ??....Love "The Mountains Of Morn"...with some revised lyrics (I Think) !!

1. Sitting On Top Of The World
2. Living With The Blues
3. Mountains Of Morn
4. Fool's Paradise
5. Love O Love
6. Bill Cheethan/Old Joe Clark

1. Everyday
2. Ancient History
3. Over The Mountains
4. Lovesick Blues
5. Muleskinner
6. Happy Trails

Harry Nilsson....320 Kbps

I think that this one could be one of Nilsson's non comercial efforts....It certainly has a lot of guest musicians...produced by him and all the tracks are his own work....Got that "West Indies" "Jamaica" feel to....It took me quite a while to work out the Title of the L/P...thought it was French....then one day "Duh" it !!!

1. Jesus Christ Your Tall
2. It's A Jungle Out There
3. Down By The Sea
4. Kojak Columbo
5. Easier For Me
6. Turn Out The Light

1. Salmon Falls
2. Puget Sounds
3. What's Your Sign
4. Home
5. Good for God

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Kiki Dee....320 Kbps

This is an early Kiki Dee L/P.....she sings well on it and does a great job on all the well known songs that are there...BUT the A&R men or whoever it was that did choose the songs unfortunately didn't do a very good job....I realise that these tracks must have been Kiki's first single's.....There is no details on the back sleeve so I realy can't be sure.....I am only glad that  Elton John got her signed up on his label "Rocket"and produced the great L/Ps that I have already Posted on here !!....Not forgeting the great one she did for "Tamla Motown"...

1. Can't Take My Eyes Off You
2. Excuse Me
3. Sunshine
4. Patterns
5. Hungry Heart
6. Now The Flowers Cry
7. When We Get There
8. Why Don't I Run Away From You

1. On A Carpet Ride
2. I
3. We've Got Everything Going For Us
4. I Dig You Baby
5. Stop And Think
6. There He Goes
7. How Glad I Am
8. I'mGoing Out

Dakota Staton....320 Kbps

One of the reasons that I like doing this blog is the fact that I am finding some L/Ps that I call lost gems....That is ones that I have not played in ages and have forgotten about and this is one of them...It is now being played as it should be !!!...Dakota is one of those singers that although she has not been that too well known in England is a great singer that should be more recognised than she is....Every track is a "Gud Un"...well worth a download and a listen for those who are not familar with her voice !!

1. Crazy He Calls Me
2. Idaho
3. Invitation
4. Can't Live Without Him Anymore
5. I Never Dreamt
6. The Party's Over

1. Angel Eyes
2. No Moon At All
3. What Do you Know About Love
4. Morning Noon Or Night
5. How Does It Feel
6. How High The Moon