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Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Gilbert O'Sullivan....320 Kbps

This is Gilbert's first and best L/P.....IMHO !!!!!....It contains two of his best songs which is featured below on a Promo Video from early 70's....the lyrics are great and very clever.....A couple of the tracks still don't make much sense to me even now after not hearing it for at least 10 years....YES another of my forgotten gems which i intend to listen to very carefully and try to make sense of ""Susan Van Heusan" and "Houdini Said" the "Permissive Twit" track also very clever lyrics.....Shame we don't hear more of him....wonder if he's still around and working....I feel a "Google" moment coming on !!......So folks out there who may not have heard of him give him a listen !!

1. Intro/January Git
2. Bye Bye
3. Permissive Twit
4. Matrimony
5. Independent Air
6. Nothing Rhymed

1. Too Much Attention
2. Susan Van Heusan
3. If I Don't Get You Back Again
4. Thunder And Lightning
5. Houdini Said
6. Doing The Best I Can/Outro

GILBERT O`SULLIVAN - Nothing Rhymed / Matrimony - 2 classic early videos !