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Thursday, 29 November 2012

Nilsson....320 Kpbs

If you are feeling light headed from the journey of the last post then this little lot will bring you down to earth with a "Bang"......all of the tracks bar one are written by Harry Nilsson....those of you out there with delicate ears and disposition watch out and cover them up when you get to track 5 Side 1 !!!.....It is produced once agin by "Richard Perry "...boy was'nt he was a busy fella in the 70's !!!!

1. Take 54
2. Remember
3. Joy
4. Turn You Radio On
5. You're Breaking My Heart

1. Spaceman
2. The Lottery Song
3. At My Front Door
4. Ambush
5. I'd Rather Be Dead
6. The Most Beautiful World In The World

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

The Planets....320 Kbps

Earlier on we dipped our toes in the light classical I think we will dive into the "Cosmos" and go all classical for a change !!....Most people will be aware of the track "Mars" but I wonder how many knows where it comes from !!...Sooooooooo folks it's here !!!
The Planets Suite was first performed in September 1918 so it is a fairly modern piece of classical music and its a "Beaut"...On the back sleeve there is a very good description of the moods of music of the tracks written by "Imogen Holst"who I assume to be the daughter of the be adventurous and give it a go !!

1. Mars
2. Venus
3. Mercury

1. Jupiter
2. Saturn
3. Uranus
4. Neptune