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Sunday, 16 December 2012

West Side Story....320 Kbps

Its good to hear the original performance of songs and compare them to singers who have made hits out of them....Also when the songs are that good they become "Standards" you have a good choice of singers who record them....That what has happened to the songs from "West Side Story".....I think that most of the top singers in the "Popular" "Jazz" and even The "Classical" people have had a go at them so take your pick !!....But for now this L/P is the one that started the ball rolling !!

1. Prologue / Jet Song....Orchestra & The Jets
2. Something's Coming....Larry Kert
3. The Dance At The Gym....Orchestra
4. Maria....Larry Kert
5. Tonight....Larry Kert & Carol Lawrence
6. America....Chita Rivera & Shark Girls
7. Cool....Mickey Calin & The Jets
8. One Hand One Heart....Larry Kert & Carol Lawrence

1. Tonight....Cast
2. The Rumble....Orchestra
3. I Feel Pretty....Carol Lawrence & Girls
4. Somewhere....Reri Grist
5. Gee Oficer Krupke....Eddie Roll & Jets
6. A Boy Like That....Carol Lawrence & Chita Rivera
7. I Have A Love....Carol Lawrence & Chita Rivera
8. Finale....Cast

Jack Jones....320 Kbps

 Jack Jones Re-post

Another good set of songs sung perfectly by Jack..

1. I'm Falling In Love Again
2. If You Ever Leave Me
3. Goin' Out Of my Head
4. Pretty
5. I'm Getting Sentimental Over You
6. There Comes A Time

1. The Letter
2.By The Time I Get To Phoenix
3. Baby Don't You Quit Now
4. Long Ago Last Night
5. Somewhere

Barbra Streisand...320 Kbps

Not much one can say about Barbra Streisand that hasn't been said thousands of times so I wont even attempt too !!....geat selection of songs especialy "I Found You Love"...and she has complete control of her voice...she recorded this L/P about 1977 just after her Film "A Star Is Born".....nice cover !!

1. Superman
2. Don't Believe What You Read
3. Baby Me Baby
4. I Found You Love
5. Answer Me

1. My Heart Belongs To Me
2. Cabin Fever
3. Love Comes From Unexpected Places
4. New York State of Mind
5. Lullaby For Myself

Easy Listening....320 Kbps

Here's "Polydor" doing the compilation thing on a double disc L/Ps and not doing a bad job !!! the "Advert" says
"It Does What It Say's On The Tin "......."Easy Listening"..... Ask the question if you don't get it !!
1. Cecilia....James Last Orch
2. Island In The Sun....Roberto Delgado & Orch
3. Indian Summer....Luxembourg Pop Orch
4. Yellow Rose Of Texas / Walking The Floor....Big Ben Banjo Band
5. Theme From Elvira Madigan....John Scott & Orch

1. Something....Bert Kaempfert & Orch
2. Hernando's Hideaway....Alfred Hause & Orch
3. Black Eyes....Marek & Vacek
4. Tea For Two....Fritz Schulz-Reichal
5. Plaisir D'amour....Norrie Paramour & Orch

1. Wandrin' Star....Big Ben Hawaiian Band
2. Elizabethan Serenade....James Last & Orch
3. Moon River....Max Greger & Orch
4. Quando Quando Quando....Tommy Reilly & Kai Warner Orch
5. Daydream....Gunter Kallman Choir

1. Those Were The Days....Horst Wendes Accordion Band
2. Gente....Peter Thomas Sound Orch
3. I Say A Little Prayer....Augusto Alguero Orch
4. Moonlight Melody....Nick Ingram & Orch
5. Don't Forget To Remember / Winter World Of Love

Shirley Bassey...320 Kbps

Re-post requested by BeachbumFLT

1969 is the year that this L/P by Shirley was recorded her voice was still at it's peak so every track is a good one...saying that I don't mean that her voice now has deteriorated in any way she can to this day still belt them out !!! Love the re-working of her 50's hit "As I Love You"

1. Does Anybody Miss Me

2. I'll Never Fall In love Again
3. Never Never No
4. Picture Puzzle
5. I Only Miss Him
6. As I Love You

1. Think of Me
2. My Way Of Life
3. We
4. Give Me You
5. Its Alway's 4 am
6. Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me