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Friday, 28 December 2012

Adam Faith....320 Kbps


Now for something a bit different...Adam Faith as you have never heard him before....Forget the Pop singer and hear him in a new light...the first track is a "Wowzer"...the guitar solo is by "Richie Blackmore" one of the guitar greats..This L/P is an American Release don't know if its got a UK release but I recon that it must have....if you can play the first track on high volume it's a cool one....... Re-recording and listening
to the tracks again this is a beautiful L/P and well worth a download IMHO !!!

Jack Jones....320 Kbps


Keeping on with the Latin/Bossa Nova Theme here is a L/P that is just that !! 12 more or less standard songs mostly from Broadway & London Shows sung perfectly by Mr Jones !!

1. She Loves Me

2. Real Live Girl
3. Our Language Of Love
4. Close Your Eyes
5. When I'm Not Near The Girl I Love
6. I Believe In You

1. The Lamp Is Low
2. On The Other Side Of The Tracks
3. Wouldn't It Be Loverly
4. My Mood Is You
5. Hit The Road To Dreamland
6. I Get Along Without You Very Well

Thursday, 27 December 2012

The Sandpipers...320 Kbps

Another laid back set of songs from the group that only had one major hit....this L/P definatly comes under the heading of "Easy Listening" relax and enjoy !!!

1. Come Saturday Morning
2. Hurry To Me
3. Try To Remember
4. Daydream
5. Softly asd I Leave You
6. Jenifer Juniper
7. Misty Roses

1. The French Song
2. Bon Soir Dame
3. Autumn Winter Spring And Summer
4. Reason To Believe
5. Wooden Heart
6. Strange Song
7. Suzanne

Jane Powell....320 Kbps

Requested re-post by Alexander From Russia.

Here is the Japanese CD version of the L/P...with just about the same cover...I recon Janes Pic has been doctored to give a full face view !!
The track listing is the same as the L/P