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Friday, 11 January 2013

Mel Torme....320 Kbps

A good selection of songs from "The Velvet Fog"....that was what they called "Mel" at the beginning of his career and I think it followed him through out his singing career....It took me a while to realise that Track 1 "At The Crossroads" was one of my favourite songs (Malaguena) and he murders it !!!...did'nt like it at all...definatly should'nt have done it !!..Apart from that its classic "Mel Torme"

1. At The Crossroads
2. Frenesi
3. Adios
4. Baia
5. Six Lessons From Madame La Zonga
6. La Rosita

1. South Of The Border
2. Nina
3. Cuban Love Song
4. Perfidia
5. The Rhumba Jumps
6. Vaya Con Dios