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Monday, 14 January 2013

Kai Warner And Orch...320 Kbps

Another compilation L/P from "Polydor" "Best Of" series.....Think of "Ray Conniff" & "Bert Kaempfert" with a dash of "James Last" and you have the sound of "Kai Warner" !!....which is ok by me its a good sound !! overall a good set of tunes !!!

1. So In Love
2. Melody Fair
3. Yester Me Yester You Yesterday
4. There's A Kinda Hush
5. Dancing on The Shore
6. What a Wonderful World

1. My Cherie Amour
2. A Man Without Love
3. My Heart Belongs To Daddy
4. Somethin' Stupid
5. Silence Is Golden
6. The Conquest Of The Moon

Harry Nilsson....320 Kbps

This is a 1968/69 recording of "Harry Nilsson".....I think it was about his 3rd or 4th L/P most of the songs on it are his and it gives a glimpse of was what to come later....A great selection of tracks even the ones that are not written by him are excellent....I assume it is him on the front!!

1. The Puppy Song
2. Nobody Cares About The Railroad Anymore
3. Open Your Window
4. Mother Nature's Son
5. Fairfax Rag
6. City Life

1. Mournin' Glory Story
2. Maybe
3. Marchin' Down Broadway
4. I Guess The Lord Must Be In New York City
5. Rainmaker
6. Mr Bojangles
7. Simon Smith And His Amazing Dancing Bear

Peggy Lee....320 Kbps


An early Peggy Lee recording a bit on the unusual
side...but like "Marmite" you will either love it or hate it...This is the kind of music that you should listen to beside a big log fire if you are lucky to have one...if not crank the central heating up and lounge on the settee/couch or whatever you like to call it and chill have to listen to every track no getting up for a tea or coffee just wallow in the sound....If the track "The Riddle Song" sounds familiar it's been re-incarnated as "The Twelve Of Never"....Go on get that coffee and have a listen......P.S....Its still a great record so if you hav'nt given it a go you will miss out on something special !!!

1. Sea Fever
2. Nine Thorny Thickets
3. Little Old Car
4. Greensleeves
5. Chinese Love Poems
6. The Happy Monks
7. The White Birch And The Sycamore
8. Of Such Is The kingdom Of God

1. A Brown Bird Singing
2. I Don't Want To Play In Your Yard
3. The Maid With The Flaxen Hair
4. The Wearing Of The Green
5. Chaconde
6. Chinese Love Poems
7. The Riddle Song
8. The Gold Wedding Ring

Simon And Garfunkel....320 Kbps
This is an early recording of S&G 1967 it includes hit from "The Graduate".All the songs were written by "Paul Simon" and he had a hand in the production of it...I think that this was the L/P that helped them on their rise to be one of the great duo's of that period...

1. Bookend Theme (Instrumental)
2. Save The Life Of My Child
3. America
4. Overs
5. Voices Of Old People
6. Old Friends
7. Bookend Theme

1. Fakin' It
2. Punky's Dilema
3. Mrs Robinson
4. Hazy Shade Of Winter
5. At The Zoo


Jack Jones....320 Kbps

Re-Post requested by Alexander From Russia

Jack Jones belongs to an elite group of the 40's & 50's we had "Bing Crosby" & Sinatra.....60's & 70's "Jack Jones" & "Tony Bennett" & the 80's to now we have "Michael Buble"....First class singers no gimmicks just great voices !!

1. A Day in The Life Of A Fool
2. Autumn Leaves
3. Somewhere There's A Someone
4. Watch What Happens
5. People Will Say We're In Love
6. Love After Midnight

1. Somewhere My Love
2. The Shining Sea
3. The Face I Love
4. Street Of Dreams
5. The Snows Of Yesteryear
6. I Don't Care Much