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Saturday, 27 April 2013

Dick Schory....320 Kbps

Re-Post Requested By Jazz Del Sol (Luis)
This is another one that will test your stereo equipment...Its much quieter than the previous ones considering there's plenty of percussion instruments..It has everything but the kitchen sink...if you read the back it gives you all the instruments that is played on this L/P.....And it is good STEREO!!!
1. National Emblem March
2. Baia
3. Way Down Yonder In New Orleans
4. Ding Dong Polka
5. April In Paris
6. Holiday In A Hurry
1. Buck Dance
2. Duel on The Skins
3. September In The Rain
4. Tidley Winks
5. The Sheik Of Araby
6. Typee

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Anonymous !!!

The file is now okay For "Eydie Gorme".... My brain must be in low gear at the moment forgot I had already re-posted "Eydie In Love" last Dec and once again wrong file from "Zippyshare"...will have to be more alert in the future...or go on holiday again !!! What a Good Idea !!!

Eydie Gorme...320 Kbps


Along with "Eydie Vamps The Roaring Twenty's" this is my favourite Eydie L/P...This is what you call Mood Music and she sings brilliantly !!!! Favorite track has got to be "Why Try To Change Me Now"great lyrics !!!
Yes this cover is worn and battered so you know what that means... "Yep" correct a favourite once more....Its one to remember I did read somewhere that she won an award for it... and if she did it is worth it...not got a favourite track because everyone is a gem!!....Having said that I just love "Why Try To Change Me Now"...not because of the way she sings it but the lyrics blow me away....I wonder what she sounds like today....This was recorded in 1958....53 years ago...

1. When The World Was Young
2. In Love In Vain
3. Here I Am In Love Again
4. Why Shouldn't I
5. In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning
6. Love Letters

1. In Other Words
2. When I Fall In Love
3. Idle Conversation
4. Why Try To Change Me Now
5. Impossible
6. It Could Happen To You

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Ella's File Fixed !

The latest Ella Post Link is now fixed...Thanks oscarjaffe for pointing it out...I usually check its ok after posting but missed it...must have had a Senior moment...cheers.....Luigi

Monday, 22 April 2013

Ella Fitzgerald....320 Kbps

Some of the best L/P's of Ella's is her "live" ones and this is one of her many bests !!....The year is 1965 and her voice is at it's best...I have seen her live about 5 times and she can certainly whip an audience into a frenzy when she does her "Scat" singing and you can hear a pin drop when she goes into the slow sweet songs like "Summertime" Ect....I have also met her and spoke to her 4 times out of the 5 even been in a Rolls Royce and the band bus with her...but that's another story !! back to the music..Her version of "Honeysuckle Rose"is fantastic and would have been a great single...also her version on this L/P of "How High The Moon" is taken at a very slow pace not a bit like her usual version....overall this is definatly one of her best....and if you buy the Japanese release CD you get 21 tracks instead of 12 !!!

1. Day In Day Out
2. Just A Sittin' And A Rockin'
3. The Lady Is A Tramp
4. Summertime
5. St Louis Blues
6. Honeysuckle Rose

1. They Can't Take That Away From Me
2. You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To
3. Somewhere In The Night
4. I've Got You Under My Skin
5. The Cricket Song
6. How High The Moon


Zippyshare ???

Its seems that "Zippyshare"has now got a codebreaker on its staff !!..... a certain singer files are being deleted way before it's 30 day's before the files are deleted if no one has downloaded them....just a reminder that if no one downloads a file for 30 days then said file will be deleted.....Anyone know of a good reliable  free"File Host" that will allow you to keep files permanently on their site ???