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Saturday, 25 May 2013

Andrea Motis !!!

Hi Folks....just found a great new singer (to me that is)....check out the video below...there's quite a few on YouTube..... Just Googled her and found out she is only 18.....plays trumpet and sax....boy what a talent....definatly one to watch !!!....Luigi........


Friday, 24 May 2013

Caterina Valente And Silvio Francesco....320 Kbps

Re-Post Requested by Francesco

Here's another excellent L/P of Caterina's and her brother Silvio just singing and playing their guitars....It does say on the back that this was a first but perhaps they forgot that they did it in 1956 on "Polydor" !!.....This one was recorded in 1966 !!

1. El Cumbanchero
2. Perfidia
3. Bahia
4. Saudade Da Bahia
5. Brazil
6. Tico Tico

1. Cielito Lindo
2. Adios
3. Pepito
4. Maria Dolores
5. Quiereme Mucho
6. Angelitos Negros



Ella Fitzgerald & Chick Webb....320 Kbps

Heres some of Ella's early recording's when she first started singing with a big band.....these tracks were recorded between 1937 (the year I was born) ! and 1940.....they are typical songs of the 30's "Swingers" !!!.....I wonder if "Wachy Dust" was another name for "Wachy Bachy" !!!!

1. One Side Of Me
2. Coochi Coochi Coo
3. Wachy Dust
4. Ella
5. Rock It For Me
6. I'm the Lonesomest Gal In Town

1. Baby What Else Can I Do
2. Sugar Pie
3. I'm Up A Tree
4. Have Mercy
5. Little White Lies
6. Sing Song Swing