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Friday, 19 July 2013


Hi Douglas...Thanks for your comments about my blog and also MEGA.....Ineresting... I cant seem to get any speed fron it as far as "Uploading" the speed just goes lower as the time goes by....I left it going this morning whilst I went to the gym (4 Hours) but it still hadnt uploaded....seems that it either re-sets itself and starts again or it stops ! interesting to hear what settings you have ? and what browser you use....any advice would be helpful....and maybe your e-mail address for future communication...thanks....cheers....Luigi...


Might not be using "Mega"....its taking to long to "Upload" 20 mins for the first upload and at the moment it's uploading it says 1 hour 6 mins and the upload speed has gone done to 16.3KB' starts of ok 130KB's then goes slowly down to its now 14.KB'  do I use it who knows?!!!!....its now gone down to 6.4 KB's...think it might be a no-no have tried to look into the settings but whatever I do it does'nt increase the speed...will try again tomorrow and see if its any different....

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Tony Bennett....320 Kbps


An early Tony Bennett set of songs...this is one of his best L/P's in my opinion !!..Title Song is a "Corker"...does'nt get any better than that!!

P.S. As you can see the download link is the "MEGA" link....when you download the link it is better to do it in either "Chrome" or "Firefox" Browsers.....doesn't work in "Internet Explorer" I said I will post a couple with the Mega link and if its seems okay will use them instead of "Zippyshare"....unless I have any problems !!!6YUCCIDI!SOg87U7AONfVN3JNz8577SoP8G1IV1PghN5OGKFoASM

1. The Good Life
2. If I Love Again
3. I Wanna Be Around
4. Love Look Away
5. Until I Met You
6. Lets Face The Music And Dance

1. Once Upon A Summertime
2. If You Were Mine
3. I Will Live My Life
4. Someone To Love
5. It Was Me
6. Quiet Nights

Wednesday, 17 July 2013


Hi....does anybody know anything about this "Cloud Service"from New Zealand.....I have registered and intend to use it for a couple "Uploads".....aparently the files stay on there till you delete them and you have 50GB of space as a "Free" Client.....any info would be appreciated....if its okay will use it instead of "Zippyshare" all the Re-Posts.....Luigi...


Hi John...thanks for your comments...I do intend to re-post all of my posts eventually but it does take time...BUT if there's is any particular L/P's that you want me to re-post just leave a comment either in the CBOX at the side or in the comments of the particular L/P.....also note that on "Zippyshare" if the file has not had a download for 30 days then it gets deleted that's why all the links have disappeared.....Cheers...Luigi