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Saturday, 3 August 2013

Going Private !!

Hi Folks....Seems like "Blogger" is closing down some of the  Public"Music Blogs"so people are telling me... and some of the sites that I go to are no longer if mine get closed down I may go "Private" the moment "cross fingers" !! this seems ok....If I do decide to carry on this Blog Privately and anybody wishes to get an "Invite"...then e-mail me on the address below.....Hoping that this does last a little longer but who knows these days....And if anybody has any info on how to go "Private"let me a lot of time trawling the "Net" for info

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Caterina Valente Videos

Wow !!...Thanks to the person who made this video below and posted it on YouTube.....I don't understand the "Range Connotations"...But it does show that Caterina has a fantastic range to her voice....also it proves that I have not got all of her recordings yet !!....amongst all the bits of her songs there were a few that I didn't recognise....but its a great effort and well worth a listen to too the end....Don't give up halfway otherwise you will miss an experience !!!

Caterina Valente : Vocal Range D♭3 - F6

Caterina Valente on the "Frost on Sunday" show