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Saturday, 28 September 2013

Funky Fab' Freddy From France !!

Hi Freddy....Thanks for your very kind comments and hope you enjoy the rest of the Blog when you get to the other pages!!...this is what the comments are for either at the bottom of the post or at the side "Comment Box"!!! Guys! and Gals! feel free to do just that even if it's a criticism !!...I have broad shoulders !!!....AND Freddy great name that you have !!!

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Johnny Mathis....320 Kbps

Another good selection of songs by Johnny featuring the two tracks he did with "Denice Williams"

1. You Light Up My Life
2. Emotions...with Denice Williams
3. All I Ever Need
4. Where Or When
5. If You Believe

1. Too Much Too Little To Late....with Denice Williams
2. How Deep Is Your Love
3. Till Love Touches Your Life
4. I Wrote A Symphony On My Guitar
5. It Was Almost Like A Song

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Caterina Valente & Silvio Francesco....320 Kbps


 I just love this recording just Caterina and her brother Silvio singing and playing their guitar's...So!!!.. I can't understand what they are singing about but who cares it's the sound that counts... no orchestra and it still sounds great after thousands of plays and being over 50 years old....okay sorry for the couple of jumps and "Snap Crackles & Pops "...I have another one that they recorded for "Polydor" "Aribba Caterina" and two more on the "Decca " label I shall be posting them later...So have a listen and treat yourself to an experience !!!

1. Maria Cristina
2. El Cumbanchero
3. Babalu
4. Quien Sera
5. No Te Importa Saber
6. Mucho Mucho Mucho

1. Anna
2. Por Un Capricho
3. Ah Si Ah Si
4. Aquarelo Do Brasil
5. Quiereme Mucho
6. Tres Claveles

Jim Diamond -- I Should Have Known Better (Studio,TOTP 3)