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Saturday, 9 November 2013

Ella Fitzgerald....320 Kbps

Well now!!! we have "Ella" in the late 60's coming away from the influence of "Norman Granz" and being produced by one of the top producers of the 60's & 70's "Richard Perry" and recorded in London... I still can't make my mind up whether I like it or not...there is only a couple of the tracks that sounds like the Ella we all know and love....It seems to me the rest of the tracks the orchestra is too loud and that makes Ella fade into the background....the production of the tracks seem to concentrate on the sound and not the vocals...still I suppose she had to have a go at the "Pop" far as I know this is the only one she did with Richard Perry...It was released on the "Reprise" label and then I think she went onto "Norman Granz" label "Verve"...Still not sure whether I like it !!!.....Comments on this would be see what others think !

P.S....My personal jury is still out on this one...can't seem to come to a decision even with me listening to it again... it still seem to me to be over produced...this is definatly  NOT one that the more you hear it the better it becomes.....BUT its Ella and the voice is still great and cool !!!

1. Get Ready
2. The Hunter Gets Captured By The Game
3. Yellow Man
4. I'll Never Fall In Love Again
5. Got To Get You Into My Life

1. I Wonder Why
2. Ooo Baby Baby
3. Savoy Truffle
4. Open Your Window
5. Knock On Wood

Ella Fitzgerald And Louis Armstrong....320 Kbps


This is the perfect matching of two great musicians one a singer Ella of course.. and Louis a great trumpet player and a voice that you could not mistake for anyone else....I think that everyone in the world should have a copy of this....Not this one... definitely not... got too many "clicks" "jumps" and stylus getting stuck which I apologise for....but it has been played thousands of times and is over 50 years old...Go down to your local record store and get the CD....I have it but this is a Vinyl Blog !!!.......Every track is fantastic and I hope that everyone who does download this will go out and buy the CD
1. Can't We Be Friends
2. Isn't This A Lovely Day
3. Moonlight In Vermont
4. They Can't Take That Away From Me
5. Under A Blanket Of Blue
1. Tenderly
2. A Foggy Day
3. Stars Fell On Alabama
4. Cheek to Cheek
5. The Nearness Of You
6. April In Paris



Enoch Light And The Command All Stars Orchestra's....320 Kbps

Re-Post Requested By mmeano

Well here's a strange one !!..Its a double L/P full of percussion Latin Tunes so if anyone likes "percussion" then give this one your ear !! The strange thing about it is that on Disc 1 is Side A & D and on Disc 2 is Side B & C....Would have thought that Disc 1 should be A & B and Disc 2 should be C & D...Maybe the producers were at a party dancing to it and were worse for wear !!
But apart from that it is very good Stereo and a good easy listening not forgetting dancing around the room to it !!

P.S. Here is a comment that clears the confusion of the above !!!Blogger

The discs are configured the way they are so that you can put the two discs on a record changer at the same time and play first side A and then side B in order and then after they have played you can remove the discs from the spindle, turn them over and play side C and then side D. Otherwise, you would have to play the sides one at a time with a time delay while you flipped the discs after each playing.

Rick Johnson

Disc 1.

1. El Gato Montes (The Wildcat)....Bobby Byne
2. Besame Mucho....The Command All Stars
3. Mack The Knife...Enoch Light & Orchestra
4. Tonight....Enoch Light & Orchestra
5. Enjoy Yourself....Enoch Light & Orchestra

1. Sem Saudades Devoce....Enoch Light & Orchestra
2. In A Little Spanish Town....Enoch Light & Orchestra
3. The Night Is Young....Enoch Light & Orchestra
4. Perdido....Enoch Light & Orchestra
5. La Cucaracha....The Command All Stars

Disc. 2

1. Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps....The Command All Stars
2. C'est Magnifique....Enoch Light & Orchestra
3. Desifinado....Enoch Light & Orchestra
4. Miami Beach Rhumba....The Command All Stars
5. Blame It on The Bossanova....Enoch Light & Orchestra

1. Mambo Jambo....The Command All Stars
2. Green Eyes....Enoch Light & Orchestra
3. Fly Me To The Moon....Enoch Light & Orchestra
4. Brazil....The Command All Stars
5. Volare....Enoch Light Orchestra


Glen Campbell...320 Kbps

 We will now will dip into the "Country & Western" Bag....Once again a fine singer doing justice to all the well known songs....But I wish he had done the standard ones a bit different and put his own stamp on them !!

1. Arkansas
2. I Will Never Pass This Way Again
3. Both Sides Now
4. A Beautiful Love Song
5. Sunny Day Girl

1. Bridge Over Troubled Waters
2. If You Could Read My Mind
3. It's Over
4. You've Still got A Place In My Heart
5. You'll Never Walk Alone