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Sunday, 22 December 2013

Barbra Streisand....320 Kbps


The L/P was produced By "Richard Perry" who in the 60's 70's 80's was producing all the top singers of the day's L/P's...Barbra once again sings some of the 60s &70's songs rather than Standards....note her duet with herself on track 5 Side One...its a gud un !!!

1. Beautiful
2. Love
3. Where You Lead
4. I Never Meant To Hurt You
5. One Last bell To Answer / A House Is Not A Home

1. Space Captain
2. Since I Fell For You
3. Mother
4. The Sunmmer Knows
5. I Mean To Shine
6. You've Got a Friend

Ella Fitzgerald....320 Kbps


I wasn't going to post any of the "Ella Songbooks"but having been listening to them again and decided to post them...I have most of the "Songbooks"on L/P's and have also bought them again on CD's....I still think that they sound better as an L/P....true there is no crackles or pops...but there is still something different in the sound !!...starting with the Gershwin's there are 5 Volumes so will be posting the rest soon...All 5 have their covers painted by an French artist called "Bernard Buffet"who incidentally is one of my favourite modern artists...can't decide which is the best track so will leave that decision in the air !!

P.S. The Info on the songs comes from the Booklet that came with the CD's it is very informative so enjoy the read !!

1. Sam And Delilah
2. But Not For Me
3. My One And Only
4. Let's Call The Whole Thing Off
5. I've Got Beginners Luck

1. Oh Lady Be Good
2. Nice Work If You Can Get It
3. Things Are Looking Up
4. Just Another Rhumba
5. How Long has This Been Going On

Demis Roussos....320 Kbps

Not heard too much of "Demis's work so I reckon that this L/P comes under the "More you hear it the better it becomes" slot !!...The second side is much better than the first side apart from the last track on the first side "On the Greek Side Of My Mind"which is rather way out and "Cool"!!!

1. She Came Up From The North
2. Good Days Have Gone
3. We Shall Dance
4. I Know I'll Do It Again
5. Fire And Ice
6. On The Greek Side Of My Mind

1. End Of The Line
2. My Blue Ship's A-Sailin'
3. Mountains Beyond
4. O My Friends You've Been Untrue To Me
5. Lord Of The Flies
6. Without You