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Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Digno Garcia....320 Kbps

A great selection of Spanish songs courtesy of "Bob" from across the channel.....It's great to hear these L/P's that you would never get to hear without the "World Wide Webb".....Cheers to all the other "Music Blogs" Out there !!!!


Cliff Richard....320 Kbps

Got to thank another one of my "Gym Bunnies" for this one...Thanks "Mary"!!!!!!
It's amazing most of these tracks were recorded in the late 50's 60's and they sound still sound great !! if you can ignore the surface sound but as I said before vinyl sounds seem better than CD sound !!.....All of "Cliff's" Hits from the beginning are here !!

P.S. If anybody in the Leicester Area has any Vinyl L/P's in their Garage or Attic That the don't or can't play anymore and would like to contribute to the Blog get in touch....They will be returned after I have recorded them....Thanks !!!

1. Move it
2. Living Doll
3. Travelin' Light
4. A Voice In The Wilderness
5. Fall In Love With You
6. Please Don't Tease
7.Nine Times Out Of Ten

1. I Love You
2. Theme For A Dream
3. A Girl Like You
4. When The Girl In Your Arms
5. The Young Ones
6. I'm Looking Out The Window
7. Do You Wanna Dance

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Des O'Connor....320 Kbps

We now have some songs by a British comedian who has quite a pleasant voice nothing spectacular and most of the other British comedians tend to take the "Micky" (P**s) out of him about his singing....But he has had quite a few hits over the years so that can't be bad !!!....I like his voice so that can't be bad as well !!!