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Friday, 23 May 2014

Cissy Houston....320 Kbps

Now here we have a great singer that was very underestimated in her day...she has two claims to fame first one being that she has made hundreds of hit records as one of the best "Session Singers" since she started singing...she has sung with everybody and if you go onto "Wikipedia"and have a look it will surprise you !!.....The other claim to fame is the best one she is of course the Mother of "Whitney Houston"!!! you can now see where "Whitney" gets her voice from !!....This L/P stands out and she should have definitely made more....So if you want to hear a great voice have a listen !!....Her recording of "I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself" Equals the version of "Dusty's.....That how good she is !!!

1. I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself
2. Didn't We
3. I'll Be There
4. Any Guy
5. When Something Is Wrong With My Baby

1. Be My Baby
2. This Empty Place
3. The Long And Winding Road
4. He / I Believe

Thursday, 22 May 2014

The Jock Strapp Ensemble...320 Kbps

This "Gem" by courtesy of one of my "Gym Bunnies" can't say which one because I don't want to be "Splashed" and "Ducked" in the pool next time !!.......Wish they hadn't "Bleeped" so much on the record can't see any date on it so I assume that it is from the late 50's-60's...I think that if it was recorded these days there would be no "Bleeps"!!!!!.....Its a bit of fun and a novelty so don't expect to much !!!


Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Video Caterina Valente !

Hi Folks....Just found this great video on YouTube...I realise that the quality is not first class but the content is fantastic...Just shows how a great performer "Caterina" is...not only with that great voice but she can dance great and a great surprise on the end with "Ella Caterina & Perry Como" doing a "Scat" version of "Avalon".....a really cool video glad I found it.....It does run for 35mins which is about the longest video on here !!!

Perry Como and Caterina Valente 1961-1966

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Helmut Zacharias & Orchestra...320 Kbps

Once again here's the man with the magic violin sound doing justice to a handfull of well known songs and tunes Grrrrrrrrrrreat!!!!!!


Bert Kaempfert & Orchestra...320 Kbps

As the title say's "Free & Easy" and that's what it is some great arrangements with a liitle bit more emphasis on the "Lush" sound rather than the up-tempo that is "BK" !!

1. Love Theme From "You Can't Win Them All "
2. I'm In Love
3. Hit The Open Road
4. Over The Rainbow
5. Sweet Caroline
6. Flight To Mecca From "You Can't Win Them All"

1. Free And Easy
2. Magic Moments
3. Gone With The Wind
4. Wait For Me
5. Laura
6. Susan


Peggy Lee....320 Kbps

Re-Post requested by Anonymous
 This seems to be some early recordings of Peggy's doesn't say on the back the date of them but by the sound of her voice and some of the small combo's that accompany her I think its early 50's its a good one tho' very varied....Also it doesn't give any information on the orchestra's

1. Hold Me
2. A Nightingale Can Sing The Blues
3. Swing Low Sweet Chariot
4. Every Night
5. Univited Dreams
6. Cannonball Express

1. Stormy Weather
2. Somebody Loves Me
3. Birmingham Jail
4. I Can't Give You Anything But Love
5. Where Are You
6. Just a Shade On The Blue Side