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Monday, 23 June 2014

Barry White & The Love Unlimited Orch...320 Kbps

This L/P to me epitomises the sound and feel of the 70's Music and features one of the best Instrumental hit record of the 70's....I am of course talking about "Loves Theme" what an arrangement all those twanging sliding guitars definatly got the "Barry White" stamp on it and "The Love Unlimited Orch" sound you can tell who it is as soon as a track starts !!!

Juice Newton....320 Kbps


Here's that lady singer with the strange first name ! with another brilliant L/P cant make up my mind what I would say what kind of singer she's a cross between "Country & Rock"....on some tracks she defiantly a "Rock Chick" on others its "Country"...those of you out there who haven't had the pleasure I would recommend that you give her a listen!! won't be disappointed....and if you like her there's 2 more that I have posted earlier....The recording sound wise on this L/P is it loud and hope your speakers don't blow !!

1. A Little Love
2. You Don't Hear The One That Gets You
3. Can't Wait All Night
4. Restless Heart
5. Easy Way Out

1. Let's Dance
2. He's Gone
3. You Don't Know Me
4. Eye Of A Hurricane
5. Waiting For The Sun

Digno Garcia...320 Kbps

I am assuming that this one is "Digno Garcia" playing his own compositions on his "Harp".....There is no info on the back of the sleeve But with a title like that and the fact that there is no recognisable titles Could my assumption be right !!.....Its a great set of tunes that the "Easy Listening" folks should or will enjoy !!!

1. Luna Llena
2. La Divina
3. Filigrana
4. Cuento De Adas
5. Bohemio
6. Cascada

1. The Bird
2. Tristeza India
3. A Espana
4. Madracita
5. Venezolana
6. El Adios


Liza Minnelli...320 Kbps

Re-Post Requested by Hit Parade.

It amazes me is the title of this album and it certainly does amaze me...because Liza sounds like Barbra Striesand in her very early days...Particularly the albums  called "The Barbra Striesand Album" and "The Second Barbra Striesand Album"....Maybe the fact that the arrangements and both Barbra's and the above were produced by the same man"Peter Matz"....But now at this moment in time Barbra and Liza sound very different...I think that both singers where trying to find there own "Sound".....This L/P was recorded well before Liza's "Cabaret" film...

1. Wait Till You See Him
2. My Shinning Hour
3. I Like The Likes Of You
4. It Amazes Me
5. Looking At You
6. I Never Have Seen Snow

1. Plenty Of Time
2. For Every Man There's A Woman 
3. Lorelei
4. Shouldn't There Be Lightning
5. Nobody Knows You When Your Down And Out