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Saturday, 23 August 2014

The Deep River Quartet...230 Kbps

This Dutch Quartet takes on "The Ink Spots" and "The Delta Rhythm Boys" and they do a good job of it....Information below care of "Wikipedia".....Once again thanks "Bob" for music that I would have not heard about !!!!

Deep River Quartet

The Deep River Quartet is a Dutch close harmony group with a wide repertoire with room for gospel, swing, soul, blues, ballads, pop, jazz and opera.
From 1979 until the late eighties, the group existed alongside Dick Rietveld (vocals) and Siebe Vink (also known as Sybrandus Finck: vocals, bass) from Kees Hendriks (vocals) and Wout Bijker (vocals, guitar). Other singers who have sung in the group are Placido R. Hazel and Gene Alexander.
In 1983 the group reached the Top 40 with the single Swing Is The Thing.
Bass Sybrandus Finck (1971, founder) and baritone Dick Rietveld (1979) in 2009, the only two original members, assisted by Ace Vincent (tenor, 1997) and Brian Sporkslede (tenor, 2005).


The Bachelors....230 Kbps

Here's Volume 2....Once Again we have three tracks that mention girls names.....Do I sense a pattern !!!


The Bachelors...320 Kbps

This one and the next two have been supplied by "Bob" From across the channel Thanks Bob !!....Its that Irish Trio once again from the 60's singing songs that where popular then !! Plus a couple of tracks "Live"....Seems some of there biggest hits were about songs with girls names !!

Glen Campbell...320 Kbps

Here's a very young "Glen Campbell" I should think at the beginning of his record making !!
The Two Sides I presume are the fact that half of the tracks are instrumentals and a very competent Guitar Player he seems to be no frills just a straight forward Guitar player...very pleasant listening....Giving an indication what was going to come later !!!....This was supplied by "Mary"from the dairy (Gym) !!...Ooooops wrong "Gym Bunny" that should have read "Supplied" By "Lesley"...Don't want to get another Ducking in the pool !!!!

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Mireille Mathieu...320 Kbps

This one is as you may have guessed from "Bob" in Belgium...Someone earlier ("Lacy" from across the pond)!!! did suggest that that maybe I should include a SUB file for all the foreign language L/P's....What a cool Idea !!!....But I believe that sometimes the translations do go a bit haywire... when you do find a translation to a song ! they tend to be different even the subject matter can change...So its best to just listen to the melody and the voice !!


Barbra Streisand....320 Kbps

Tracks from some of Barbra's early work including "People"....not much information on the back about "Where or When"so I should think middle 70's would be about right !!

1. Absent Minded Me
2. When In Rome
3. Fine And Dandy
4. Supper Time
5. Will He Like Me
6. How Does The Wine Taste

1. I'm All Smiles
2. Autumn
3. My Lord And Master
4. Love Is A Bore
5. Don't Like Goodbyes
6. People


Leo Sayer ...320 Kbps

 A collection of Leo's Hits produced by Richard Perry !!....Best track Is "I Think We Fell In Love To Fast !!

1. Hold On To My Love 
2. You Make Me Feel Like Dancing
3. Reflections
4. When I Need You
5. No Business Like Love Business

1. I Hear The Laughter
2. Magdalena
3. How Much Love
4. I Think We Fell In Love To Fast
5. Endless Flight

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Andy From Osnabruck

Hi Andy...Thank you very much for all you kind words about this Blog...Very much appreciated.... I hope to keep it going as long as I can ... So keep coming back loads more L/P's and Re-Posts to post....Thanks Once Again....Cheers.....Luigi...