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Thursday, 11 September 2014

John Williams.Guitar...320 Kbps

What we have here is some classical tracks of Guitar Music for those who like their Guitar Played nice and soft not "Loud and Twangy"!!!! Plus a couple of Tunes that no doubt will be familiar to everybody !!....This is the last L/P from "Mary From The Dairy (Gym)" they will be going back to the dusty attic or cold Garage !!...BUT I have a small collection from Geoff that I will be listening to shortly and posting them....As I have said before if anyone has any L/P's in their Garage or Attic gathering dust that they can't play and live in Leicester and would like to see and hear them on this "Blog"get in touch !!...They will be returned of course once I have posted them on this Blog !!!...Cheers !!!

1. The Millers Dance
2. Cadiz
3. Zambra Granadina
4. Stevie
5. Bouree Alla Polacca
6. Cavatina

1. Turkish Rhondo
2. Asturias
3. Vivaldi's Concerto In D Minor for Guitar & Orch 
    a. Allegro Gusto
    b. Largo
4. Canarios
5. Fool On The Hill


Swing And Sweet...320 Kbps

Now here's a Compilation L/P that is right up my street !! comes from Bob from Belgium and I have been playing it since he sent it....It contains some great songs from the first track to the last and are the original recordings...All 24 of them !!

Dorothy Collins...320 Kbps

We are still in "Belgium" with Bob and this L/P is a singer that I had not heard of so once again thanks Bob for introducing me to a very different voice...I like it and she does a great job with a bunch of great standard songs...pity she didn't do more L/P's....or maybe she has !! I'll leave that one open for information !!!....So if you are like me and never heard of her give it a download I'm sure you won't be disappointed !!

Ray Conniff & Orchestra...320 Kbps

Here's a "Conniff" that I haven't got supplied by Bob from across the channel !!

1. Happiness Is
2. Midnight Lace
3. Miss You
4. Popsy
5. Melodie D'Amour
6. You Stepped Out Of A Dream

1. Jamaica Farewell
2. Blue Moon
3. If I Knew Then
4. The Sheik Of Araby
5. All By Myself
6. Sweet Sue Just You