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Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Johnny Mathis...320Kbps

Another "JM" courtesy of Bob from across the channel !!....This one is a double L/P that also has "Different Kinda Different" tracks on it so you "Johnny Mathis" Fans can have a double dose!!

1. Would You Like To Spend The Night With Me
2. As Time Goes By
3. The Best Days Of my Life
4. Gone Gone Gone
 5. The Bottom Line
6. I Will Survive 
7. Begin The Beguine
8. How Can I Make It On My Own
9. There You Are
10. Were In Love
11. Different Kinda Different
12. With You I'm Born Again
13. I Do It All For You
14. Deep Purple
15. Paradise
16. The Lights Of Rio 
17. Love Without Words
18. Temptation


Tom Jones...320 Kbps

Here's a very young Tom J...the first L/P that is from Geoff....apart from the title track of "Help Yourself"the rest of the songs are mediocre sung well but with no really outstanding oomph !!.....and a lousy arrangement of "If You Go Away" which incidentally is one of my favourite songs !!! So maybe I'm a bit biased !!...Still.... would be boring if we all had the same opinion !!!

1. Help Yourself
2. The Bed
3. Isadora
4. Set Me Free
5. I Get Carried Away

1. This House
2. So Afraid
3. If I Promise
4. If You Go Away
5. My Girl Maria
6. All I Can Say Is Goodbye

Johnny Mathis...320 Kbps

Post Requested By Paul Sheerin

We now have some L/P's that have been supplied by Bob of "Johnny Mathis" in response to a request in the comment box once again if you want any specific L/P leave a comment and maybe someone will come up with an answer !!

1. Different Kinda Different
2. With You I'm Born Again
3. I'll Do It All For You
4. Never Giving Up On You
5. Deep Purple
6. I Will Survive
7. Paradise
8. The Last Time I Felt Like This
9. The Lights Of Rio
10. Love Without Words
11. Temptation
12. Never Giving Up On You