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Saturday, 14 February 2015

Marti Webb...320 Kbps

Here's a very pleasent L/P also from the "Gym" Via "Geoff"....a selection of T/V theme tunes sung very well by "Marti"....there is a "Knockout" track on it "I Could Be So Good For You" and I reckon that if "Dennis Waterman" had not had a hit with it and "Marti's" version was available at that time then she should have had the hit !!!.....whoever designed the cover and decided to print the song titles in white agaist a pink background definatly needs new glasses !!!!!

1. Always There
2. To Have And To Hold
3. He's Not You
4. I Could Be So Good For You
5. It's Still The Same Dream
6. Anyone Can Fall In Love

1. Someday Soon
2. Cheers
3. No One will Ever Know You
4. Moonlighting
5. I Don't Hurt Anymore
6. Only Love

That'll Be The Day...320 Kbps

Heres a big one ! all 40 tracks that may have been featured in the film!! or maybe not !!...Its been a long time since I last saw it so cant be say's on the cover "Smash hits based on the film"....this one is from "Leslie" from the Gym !!...The cover has got a bit worn so got the above cover from the Internet !!....also there is a couple of scratches on both records so on about three tracks you do have a jump but only  small ones so it wont spoil it too much  !!....also the file is over 200MB so "Zippyshare" won't take it...but its ok on "Mega"!!!


Anita Meyer

I had not heard of this singer before I got it from "Bob" so I "Googled" her and this is what "wikipedia" had to say about her....which is not a lot
Anita Meyer, born in Rotterdam 29 October 1954, is a Dutch singer. One of her most notable songs is "Why Tell Me Why" that charted for 14 weeks and topped the Dutch singles list for six weeks in 1981.
She has a voice very similar to "Linda Lewis" and all the songs on this L/P seem to be originals that is no standards or well known I guess that it's one of those "the more you play and listen to it the better it becomes" !!


Friday, 13 February 2015

Rare Bird...320 Kbps

One from me now..this L/P hasn't seen the light of day for quite some time...Its one of those that I bought for the "Hit" track "Sympathy" which is incidently a great one then as with most of L/P's that has only one good track it has been forgotten !!...There is only one other track that to me is a stand out one and that is "I'm Thinking" doubt all the folks who are into rock bands will love it...It reminds me of the early recordings of "The Moody Blues"...saying all that it's ok...Soooooo give it a listen to the Title track is great !!

1. Sympathy
2. You Went Away
3. Nature's Fruit
4. Bird On A Wing
5. What You Want To Know

1. Beautiful Scarlet
2. Hammerhead
3. I'm Thinking
4. As You Mind Flies By


Bing Crosby

One from Belgium now courtesy of "Bob"...there is obviously no need to make any comment about this one it's timeless !!... They say it all on the back sleeve !!!recorded in London & Los Angeles.


Tony Christie...320 Kbps

This is the first of many L/P's that I have borrowed at Xmas from my brother and neice so look out for some more unusual comments might not be too detailed because most of them will be the first time that I will hear them....So as usual I would love some comments about them good or bad !!!...A good selection of standard 70's songs featuring the original "Amarillo"

1. So Deep Is The Night
2. Didn't We
3. Feelings
4. I'm Not In Love
5. The Way We Were
6. Somewhere In The Night

1. Is This The Way To Amarillo
2. Home Loving Man
3. Tie A Yellow Ribbon
4. On Broadway
5. The Most Beautiful Girl
6. You've Lost That Loving Feeling