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Friday, 20 February 2015

Edmundo Ros & Orchestra

Still in the "Band/Orchestra" mode here's another one from "Bob" and we are still in the "Tropics" !!! This is a double L/ get your dancing shoes on !! you might dance the night away !!!


Digno Garcia

Something a little different now from the last posts !!...a different style of music and band !!...all the way from Belguim courtesy of "Bob".....Variety is the "Spice" of life and that goes for musical tastes as well !!!!...So enjoy a trip to the "Tropics" !!!!!!!!!


Dickie Valentine...320 Kbps

Ah !!...this L/P brings back memories of my teenage years in the 50's...concert's at "The De-Montfort Hall" Leicester with "Ted Heath" and his band...buying "Lita Roza" a coffee in "The Banners Milk Bar"and later on a drink at the "Marquis Of Wellington" pub with some of the band !!....I saw them many many times and enjoyed every minute...its a pity that big bands have now gone out of fashion !!!!....In case there are some of you out there who are not familiar with "Dickie Valentine" he was one of three singers with one of England's best "Swing" bands "Ted Heath" along with "Lita Roza" and "Dennis Lotis"...he was a great singer with a very distinctive voice..and I think that had he not died in a car accident he would have made it to the big time !!....So to the uninitiated give it a listen to and hear a great voice !!

1. All The Time And Everywhere
2. A Blossom Fell
3. East Of The Sun
4. Endless
5. King Of Dixieland
6. The Finger Of Suspicion 

1. Song Of The Trees
2. Birth Of The Blues
3. Mister Sandman
4. Many Times
5. A Kiss To Build a Dream On
6. The Clown Who Cried

Des O'Connor

Ok now one from "Bob" from across the channel....Even tho' in England the other comedians used to take the "Rise" "Micky" "P##s" out of his singing he does a good job of these tracks and I like his voice !!


Chet Atkins & Jerry Read...320 Kbps


 If you take two of the best guitarists of today and put them together then you will have a "Magic" album and this is it !!!! need to say anymore just listen especially to the track "Ol Man River"

P.S. This is a great L/P...It shows how Guitar's should be played !!

1. Tennessee Stud
2. Bridge Over Troubled Water
3. MacArthur Park
4. O'l Man River
5. Nut Sundae

1. Cannonball Rag
2. Wreck Of The John B
3. Stump Water
4. The January Feruary March
5. Something