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Saturday, 7 March 2015

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Vera Lynn

These tracks are definatly re-recorded from the originals...some of them were recorded by "Vera"in the 40's....again no information on the back....It would be nice to have info about the recordings...They have plenty of room on the back covers of L/P's to put the information on !!...not like the small CD cover's...Thanks Bob !!

Judy Garland...320 Kbps

A "Judy Garland" L/P from her T/V show no need for me to make any comment it's all on the back sleeve !!

1. It's A Good Day
2. That's All
3. Some People
4. More
5. Island In The West Indies
6. As Long As He Needs Me

1. Get Me To The Church On Time 
2. Fly Me To The Moon
3. I Wish You Love
4. Jamboree Jones
5. Battle Hymn of The Republic
6. Closing Theme (Maybe I'll Come Back)


Heinz Schachtner

Not had a"Trumpet" sound for a while so here's one also from "Bob"....its not a "Jazz" trumpet "Gig" but just "Hans Bertram" Orchestra featuring "Heinz Schachtner" who is the "Trumpeter"......a good one for all the "Easy Listening People" !!...."Cecilia" also makes another apearence !!!


Simon & Garfunkel...320 Kbps

Here's a compilation that is different from other's....It seems that most of the tracks come from "live" performance's no indication on the back of "where" and "when"....the difference is that also the other tracks seem also to be re-recorded....Usualy L/P's that have a title of "Best Of" or in this case "Greatest Hits" are just that !! their original tracks regurgitated !!
So it's good to hear them differently !!....Kudos to the marketing guy's !!!

1. Mrs Robinson
2. For Emily Whenever I May Find Her
3. The Boxer
4. The 59th Street Bridge Song
5. The Sound Of Silence
6. I Am A Rock
7. Scarborough Fair / Canticle

1. Hoeward Bound
2. Bridge Over Troubled Waters
3. America
4. Kathy's Song
5. El Condor Pasa
6. Bookends
7. Cecilia