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Sunday, 26 April 2015

Traffle...320 Kbps

We now have one that I can't seem to find anything about...I Have "Googled" them but have come up with "Zilch"....and "Dom" & "Jane" who are my brother and sister in law seem to have vague memories of where it came was either bought at a local Leicester Club or maybe in "Cornwall" when on holiday...As they are an "Australian" group I assume that they were over here doing the rounds of the Clubs & Pubs performing.....Maybe some of you "Down Under" could enlighten us and give us some information...The "Nicola" that is mentioned on the signature on the front I am told was about 4 years old !!...she is now married and got two little ones of her own !!......So I recon that its a late 70's early 80's recording no date on the sleeve or record...and it is a "Private Pressing" From EMI (Australia) !!....All the tracks are written by the members of the group so they are all original songs....which poses the thought that the more you play and listen to it the better it becomes !!!!

P.S. "Bingo"!!!...thanks to "Dusty's" detective work we now have a little more info about "Traffle"....and a Video to watch !!! see above !!! 12 posts on !!

1. Do You Have To Leave Me
2. What Would You Say
3. Can't See Whats Wrong
4. Love Conquers All
5. They Are Children

1. It Came To Me Tonight
2. Backwards To Return
3. Lose Control
4. My Love To You
5. See It Through