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Saturday, 6 June 2015

VA Golden Trumpet Hits...

Now for some nifty Trumpet Playing supplied by "Belgium Bob"...Great for all you "Instrumental Aficionado's"....It Seems like we have a stowaway on Side One Track 2 !!
 "My Liberte...George Moustaki" !!!.........Otherwise a very pleasant 24 Tracker !!....Nice for background when you are having a Dinner Party !!!

Cliff Richard...320 Kbps

This must have been a great concert at Wembley it says 1990 on the record and sleeve so that makes it 25 years old which is about right looking at Cliff's hairstyle !!....Cliff's name on the cover is in Silver so that colour doesn't do to well when you scan !!...the songs are all his hits past and present and judging by the applause it was a great show....I wonder if there is anybody out there looking in that was there....Be great to hear about it if there was !!
There is a slight jump on side three towards the end which was my fault...My turntable and pick-up arm are very sensitive the slightest movement and it jumps I moved and away it went !!...if it was a single track I would have recorded it again..but as it was recorded side by side so as it was nearly finished I didn't...It does not deter from a great sounding and excellent Concert from "Cliff"!!!!

Gerard Lenoman..

If you lot in "France" can now get off the "Chaise Longue's" that you might have been on listening to the last L/P perhaps you can tell us a little about this singer "Gerard Lenoman"....I've not heard of him and I'm sure that a lot of other's out there havn't as well..Soooooooo over to "France" !!!!!....This one is from "Bob" as well....Music wise it's okay and if you like "Charles Aznavour" then you will like this one !!


Earl Grant...

Some Organ and Piano music now....for relaxing on the settee/sofa/chaise longue if you are in France...and even by a Log fire if you are in the colder climate !!...Its a good one for doing absolutely nothing but chillin'!!!

1. Stormy Weather
2. Bewitched
3. Canadian Sunset
4. Dreamy
5. I'm In The Mood For Love 
6. That's All

1. Ebb Tide
2. My Foolish Heart
3. Deep Purple
4. Misty
5. Evening Rain
6. Theme From Exodus

Des O'connor...

We are now back with some of "Bob's" contributions from "Belgium" of course...the reason that we have not had any from him for a while is that I have had a new computer and I thought that I had lost his files in the "Change Over" Saga !!....looked everywhere for them but with no luck !!..then suddenly out of the "Cosmic Blue" BINGO !!!! if by Magic they suddenly appeared !!!..........Arn't computers temperamental !!!.......Soooooooo we will be having a good mix of different music........And Des gets us off to a good start with some favourites that I Guess everyone will know !!....and despite all the flack that he gets about his singing I like his voice !!

1. Sometimes I'm Happy
2. She
3. My Sentimental Friend
4. What'll I Do
5. Carolina In The Morning 
6. The Old Fashioned Way
7. Smile Smile Smile

1. Tie A Yellow Ribbon Round The Old Oak tree
2. A Certain Smile
3. What A Wonderful World
4. Nellie Dean
5. The Most Beautiful Girl
6. If You Were The Only Girl 
7. On Of Those Songs


Friday, 5 June 2015

Perry Como...320 Kbps

Here's a compilation of "Perry's" on a "Budget Label" that I'm sure would have first came out under another title...There's quite a few "Musical Show" songs on it....sung as only he can !!

1. The Sweetest Sounds
2. My Favourite Things
3. Fly Me To The Moon
4. I'll Remember April
5. The Hawaiian Wedding Song
6. In The Still Of The Night

1. Sunrise Sunset
2. This Is All I Ask
3. When I Lost You
4. The Songs I Love
5. The Shadow Of Your Smile
6. We Kiss In A Shadow

Monday, 1 June 2015

The Hits Album 8...320 Kbps

I think I must have been asleep for the whole of the "Summer of 88'"!!! because I can count on one hand the tracks that I know !! or maybe a long state of Inebriation !!!...whatever it was this compilation has got me foxed !!....nearly every track is new to me so I will have to rely on you lot out there to do the necessary !!!!....I have had to split the downloads in two for "Zippyshare" because it was over 200 GB's...but on "Mega" its ok just one download....A couple of the tracks have two songs in them not much separation inbetween tracks !! 

 Record One...

1. Stay On These Roads...A-Ha
2. I'm Not Scared...Eighth Wonder
3. I Want You Back 88'...Michael Jackson with The Jacksons
4. Another Weekend...Five Star
5. I Owe You Nothing...Bros
6. I Saw Him Standing There...Tiffany
7. Tell It To My Heart...Taylor Dayne
8. Voyage Voyage...Desireless

1. Tribute (Right On)...The Pasadenas
2. Don't Blame It On That Girl...Matt Bianco
3. Love Is Contagious (Edit)
4. Girlfriend...Pebbles
5. Car Wash...Rose Royce
6. Love Will Save The Day...Whitney Houston
7. What You see Is What You Get...Glen Goldsmith
8. I Gave It Up (When I Fall in Love)

Record Two.

1. Somewhere In My Heart...Aztec Camera
2. The King Of Rock 'N' Roll....Prefab Sprout
3. Perfect...Fairground Attraction
4. Everywhere...Fleetwood Mac
5. I Found Someone...Cher
6. Paradise...Sade
7. Sign Your Name...Terence Trent D'Arby
8. The Lovers...Alexander O'Neal

1. You have Placed A Chill In My Heart...Eurythmics
2. Don't Turn Around...Aswad
3. Theme From S-Express...S-Express
4. Shake Your Love...Debbie Gibson
5. Chains Of |Love...Erasure
6. Im Nin'Alu...Ofra Haza
7. Crash...The Primitives
8. Lucrecia My Reflection...The Sisters Of Mercy
9. Sidewalking...The Jesus And Mary Chain