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Sunday, 28 June 2015

Helmut Zacharias & Orch

Once again "Bob" comes comes along and supplies us with a selection of tunes for the "Easy Listeners" usual titles are in German but I don't think that takes anything away from the enjoyment and I'm sure that they will be some tunes that are recognisable....Did I mention that "Bob" comes from Belgium.!!!!


Thursday, 25 June 2015

Engelbert Humperdinck...320 Kbps

I think maybe this might be the first L/P of "Engelbert's"circa 1969....just a couple of songs that people may have heard of the rest of the songs I presume would be the stock songs to fill out a "Debut " L/P !!!...Unless someone out there knows any different !!..........He comes from my home town "Leicester"

1. Love Can Fly
2. Love Was Here Before The Stars
3. Don't Say No Again
4. Let Me Into Your Life
5. Through The Eyes Of Love
6. Les Bicyclettes De Belsize

1. The Way It Used To Be
2. Marry Me
3. To Get To You
4. Your Easy To Love
5. True
6. A Good Thing Going


Harry Secombe.

Here's the great tenor voice of "Harry Secome"....who would have thought that he had such a great voice when he was with "The Goons" mucking about with "Spike Milligan" ect !!...a good selection of well known songs just sung well !!!...this one comes courtesy of "Bob" !!


Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Ella Fitzgerald...320 Kbps

Re-Post Requested By Anonymous

Here is the second volume of "Irving Berlin".... Ella was at her peak when all the "Song Books" were recorded this one is from 1958....In the later years of her life when she became ill  her voice did suffer and at her later concerts she would always apologise that she couldn't do the "sweet" notes as she used to call them...even so the "magic" was still there !! and she was a great performer whatever she sounded like and did !!!

 1. Suppertime
2. How's Chances
3. Heat Wave
4. Isn't This A Lovely day
5. You Keep Coming Back Like A Song
6. Reaching For The Moon
7. Slumming On Park Avenue

1. The Song Is Ended
2. I'm Putting All My Eggs In One Basket
3. Now It Can Be Told
4. Always
5. It's A Lovely Day Today
6. Change Partners
7. No Strings
8 I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Bob Boon Singers

These singers are nothing like "Ray Conniff Singers" Or "Mike Sammes Singers"but as variety is the spice of life bend you ears to this lot as they go singing around the world in so many languages...and it is different !!!.....And from Belgium !!

Saturday, 20 June 2015

Cliff Richard...320 Kbps

No moans about the title of this compilation !! because it's is exactly what it says 40 early "Cliff's" great tracks more than likely his top hits A sides and B sides....and NOT his GREATEST the record company's sometimes states on other compilation L/P's..
The file is over 200 Gb so on "Zippyshare" its in 2 parts...but on "MEGA" just one file !!

Record One.                                                             Record Two.

1. Move it                                                         1. Constantly
2. Living Doll                                                   2. On The Beach
3. Travelin' Light                                            3. I Could Easily Fall In Love With You
4. Fall In Love With You                               4. The Minute You're Gone
5. Please Don't Tease                                      5. Wind Me Up Let Me Go
6. Nine Times Out Of Ten                              6. Visions
7. Theme For A Dream                                  7. Blue Turns Grey
8. Gee Whizz Its You                                      8. In The Country
9. When The Girl In Your Arm                    9. The Day I Met Marie
10. A Girl Like You                                        10. All My Love

1. The Young Ones                                         1. Congratulations
2. Do You Want To Dance                             2. Throw Down A Line
3. I'm Looking Out The Window                 3. Goodbye Sam Hello Samantha
4. It'll Be Me                                                   4. Sing A Song Of Freedom
5. Bachelor Boy                                              5. Power To All Our Friends
6. The Next Time                                           6. You Keep Me Hanging On
7. Summer Holiday                                       7. Miss You Nights
8. Lucky Lips                                                 8. Devil Woman
9. Its All in The Game                                   9. I Can't Ask For Anymore Than You
10. Don't Talk To Him                                   My Kinda Life


Francis Bay And Orchestra.

Change of pace now with some great 40's swing music from "Beguim" and performed by a Belgium Band....and of course it came from "Bob" !!!....wish there were more bands around today that has the "Big Band Sound "!!!!

1. Bugle Call Rag
2. Coquette
3. Skyliner
4. That's a Plenty
5. One O'clock Jump

1. Christopher Columbus
2. Harlem
3. Jersey Bounce
4. At The Woodchoppers Ball


Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Tom Jones...320 Kbps

Once again the record company has produced a compilation of "Tom's" Greatest Hits ??(Dubious)....True they have included most of them but amongst the tracks are some cover versions of popular songs that were hits for other people and some that might be "B"sides to his Hits so I suppose they could be classed as hits because they were "The Other Side" !!.....why oh why do record companies do that !!...I'm sure that Tom could have filled this double L/P with all of his hits !!....He's had plenty to choose from during his recording time !!

1. Its Not Unusual
2. Only Once
3. I'll Never Fall In Love Again
4. Somethin' Bout You Baby I Like
5. Whats New Pussycat

1. Till
2. Runnin' Bear
3. Green Green Grass Of Home
4. Thunderball
5. Love Me Tonight

1. She's A Lady
2. Pledging My Love
3. Funny Familiar Forgotten Feelings
4. With These Hands
5. Delilah

1. I'm Comming Home
2. To Make A Big Man Cry
3. Help Yourself
4. The Sun Died
5. Daughter Of Darkness

Monday, 15 June 2015

The Di Mara Sisters.

One now from "Bob".....again "The Di Mara Sisters" are new to me so this is the first time I have heard them....can I hear a slight accent ??....the info on the back says that they are Italian but are now American !!....A very pleasant and gentle set of songs from the films.

1. Aldila
2. Moon River
3. Green Leaves Of Summer
4. Never On A Sunday 
5. High Noon
6. An Affair To Remember

1. Tonight
2. Hi Lili Hi Lo
3. Song From Moulin Rouge
4. Que Sera Sera
5. Town Without Pity
6. Theme From Ben Hur

Friday, 12 June 2015

Barry Manilow...320.Kbps

As with all "Live & Concert L/P's" to get 100% enjoyment out of it you would have to been there and a part of the audience "clapping" and "shouting" and "cheering" as this "Royal Albert Hall" concert on 11th &12th of January 1982 is just doing that !!....Like the "Cliff Richard" concert that was posted earlier this seems to be a great couple of nights out!!...It is "Barry" at his peak voice wise singing most of his well known hits and doing a great job....he even pokes fun at himself with a self comment about his "nose"....So all of us that was not there will have to do with just the sound and not the vision....Somebody should invent a stylus that could read visuals as well as music!!....and a whole new concept would be born !!!!

Neil Sedaka ...320 Kbps

All the tracks on this L/P were  written by "Neil" and it proves that he can write some good songs with great lyrics that you can understand which is great for these days !!...It was recorded in England...  Manchester to be exact and mastered at the Apple Studios in London in 1972....There are some great songs on this one including one of the best and that one has been recorded by most of the good singers of the 70's 80's 90's ect !!....It is the title of the L/P of course !!!

1. Thats When The Music Takes Me
2. Beautiful You
3. Express Yourself
4. Anywhere Your Gonna Be
5. Home
6. Adventures Of A Boy Child Wonder

1. Better Days Are Coming
2. Dimbo Man
3. Trying To Say Goodbye
4. Solitaire
5. Don't Let It Mess Your Mind


Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Trio Cassman

I have never heard of "Trio Cassiman" before now but by courtesy once again of "Bob" its something good and worth listening to not too "Folksy" or "Spiritual" but spot on for good ears !!


Harry James

Here's one set firmly in the 40's....not to sure wether they are the original recordings...there seems to be a lot of strings for a swing band !!....could be re-recordings at a later date ??...YEP seems it is according to the back sleeve !!...this one came from "Bob"


Saturday, 6 June 2015

VA Golden Trumpet Hits...

Now for some nifty Trumpet Playing supplied by "Belgium Bob"...Great for all you "Instrumental Aficionado's"....It Seems like we have a stowaway on Side One Track 2 !!
 "My Liberte...George Moustaki" !!!.........Otherwise a very pleasant 24 Tracker !!....Nice for background when you are having a Dinner Party !!!

Cliff Richard...320 Kbps

This must have been a great concert at Wembley it says 1990 on the record and sleeve so that makes it 25 years old which is about right looking at Cliff's hairstyle !!....Cliff's name on the cover is in Silver so that colour doesn't do to well when you scan !!...the songs are all his hits past and present and judging by the applause it was a great show....I wonder if there is anybody out there looking in that was there....Be great to hear about it if there was !!
There is a slight jump on side three towards the end which was my fault...My turntable and pick-up arm are very sensitive the slightest movement and it jumps I moved and away it went !!...if it was a single track I would have recorded it again..but as it was recorded side by side so as it was nearly finished I didn't...It does not deter from a great sounding and excellent Concert from "Cliff"!!!!

Gerard Lenoman..

If you lot in "France" can now get off the "Chaise Longue's" that you might have been on listening to the last L/P perhaps you can tell us a little about this singer "Gerard Lenoman"....I've not heard of him and I'm sure that a lot of other's out there havn't as well..Soooooooo over to "France" !!!!!....This one is from "Bob" as well....Music wise it's okay and if you like "Charles Aznavour" then you will like this one !!


Earl Grant...

Some Organ and Piano music now....for relaxing on the settee/sofa/chaise longue if you are in France...and even by a Log fire if you are in the colder climate !!...Its a good one for doing absolutely nothing but chillin'!!!

1. Stormy Weather
2. Bewitched
3. Canadian Sunset
4. Dreamy
5. I'm In The Mood For Love 
6. That's All

1. Ebb Tide
2. My Foolish Heart
3. Deep Purple
4. Misty
5. Evening Rain
6. Theme From Exodus

Des O'connor...

We are now back with some of "Bob's" contributions from "Belgium" of course...the reason that we have not had any from him for a while is that I have had a new computer and I thought that I had lost his files in the "Change Over" Saga !!....looked everywhere for them but with no luck !!..then suddenly out of the "Cosmic Blue" BINGO !!!! if by Magic they suddenly appeared !!!..........Arn't computers temperamental !!!.......Soooooooo we will be having a good mix of different music........And Des gets us off to a good start with some favourites that I Guess everyone will know !!....and despite all the flack that he gets about his singing I like his voice !!

1. Sometimes I'm Happy
2. She
3. My Sentimental Friend
4. What'll I Do
5. Carolina In The Morning 
6. The Old Fashioned Way
7. Smile Smile Smile

1. Tie A Yellow Ribbon Round The Old Oak tree
2. A Certain Smile
3. What A Wonderful World
4. Nellie Dean
5. The Most Beautiful Girl
6. If You Were The Only Girl 
7. On Of Those Songs