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Saturday, 11 July 2015

Het Alexandrov Ensemble

No doubts about where we are now "Russia" of course I hope all 9,687 Russian  visitors to date... will enjoy this little outing to the land of perpetual "Snow"...This little "Gem" is also courtesy of "Bob"..and its a very pleasant surprise !!!....So everybody give it a download it is worth it !!!

Marco Bakker.

Here's another singer that I have not heard of but has an interesting voice singing song's that I'm sure everyone will be familar with....Can't make up my mind what lauguage he is singing in... not much info the back...  "German Or Dutch" is my Guess !!!...But I'm sure that some one out there will put me right !!!

Chris Barber's Jazz Band.

Seems that we are set for some more instrumental's this time featuring "Mr Chris Barber" and his "Jazz" band....Soooooooooo all you "Jazz" fans have a good listen !!


Friday, 10 July 2015

Mister Bill Wallys

We have done "Trumpets" Trombones" "Piano" and most of the "Percussion" and of course "The Violin" and not forgetting "The Human Voice".....So now its the turn of the "Saxophone"all courtesy of the "Guy" from "Belgium"....."Bob"who is also responsable for the next few posts......Cheers Bob !!!!.....Great Easy Listening !!!!