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Saturday, 18 July 2015

Max Bygraves...320 Kbps

Phew !! that was a marathon listening curve !....I don't think that you could sit down and listen to the whole of this one and not keep still !!....I guess it is aimed for the "Party Sing Song" brigade !!...definatley not one to listen to with a coffee or brandy !!....But it is what it is...a non stop medley of 100 popular songs that people can join in and sing whilst "Partying" !!....There is everthing there  soooooooooo  folks Party Away !!!
On "zippy" it's in two parts in "Mega" its ok !!

Shakin' Stevens & The Sunsets...320 Kbps

Here's a young looking "Shakey"and his voice has not yet got the "tone" and "shades" of what he has now !!...It would have been a good one if it was not for the original recordings because they are not much different from them !!.....But it's good to hear these "earlier" recordings of singers just to hear how they manage to get there own "Sound".....I do assume that they are earlier recordings!!....There is no info on the back cover....

1. Roll Over Beethoven
2. White Lightning
3. One Night With You
4. Hi Heel Sneakers
5. Tallahassie Lassie
6. Yakity Yak

1. Mabellene
2. Hearts made Of Stone
3. Good Rockin' Tonight
4. At The Hop
5. Walking On The Water
6. Rip It Up


Helmut Zacharius.

Some nice "Violins" now courtesy of "B" from over the channel !!!...great for a nice rest after a nice meal with a coffee or brandy !!...IMHO this is one of the best of "HZ" that I have posted !!!....It "Swings" gently !!!

Old Pipes Organ

Now we have something different I guess not to  everybody's taste but as "Variety Is The Spice Of Life" and it will remind you of the old "Fair's" that used to come around in time gone by !!...ahhhhh sweet memories of "The Goose Fair" at "Nottingham" in my teenage years !!!...I believe they do still have it but it's entirely different now what with "Health And Safety" restrictions we have in this "Time" !!!....This was a contribution from "Bob"


20 Scottish Favourites...320 Kbps

Another pleasant surprise and a very good compilation of songs....putting song titles 
 to some very familiar tunes that I think I might not be the only one outside Scotland that will know the tune but not the title !!!...Go on Folks give it a go and see how many of the titles you didn't know !!!

1. The Skye Boat Song...The Corries
2. Westering Home...Moira Anderson
3. Charlie Is My Darling...Robin Hall & Jimmy MacGregor
4. We've Only Just Began...Stuart Gilles
5. Twa Corbies...The Corries
6. My Love Is Like A Red Red Rose...Allan Bruce
7. The Road To The Isles...Moira Anderson
8. Tatties & Herring...Robin Hall & Jimmy MacGregor
9. Amanda...Stuart Gillies
10. Lewis Bridal Song...The Corries

1. These Are My Mountains...Moira Anderson
2. As I Came Doon The Canongate...Robin Hall & Jimmy Macgregor
3. The Road To Dundee...The Corries
4. For all We Knoe...Stuart Gillies
5. The Isle Of Mull...Moria Anderson
6. Where Are You Going My Bonnie Wee Lass...Robin Hall & Jimmy MacGregor
7. Annie Laurie...The Corries
8. There Goes My Heart...Stuart Gillies
9. Ye Banks And Bries...Moira Anderson
10. Will Ye No Come Back Again...Allan Bruce


Bobby Crush...320 Kbps

First time I have listened to "Bobby" he seems to be a bit heavy on the keys but maybe that's his style !!...A pleasent enuff set of tracks but he aint' an "Andre" or "Winifred" !!!....Got another couple of L/P's of his to listen to and post so I'll leave it at that !!!....but it does come alive with "Slightly Latin" !!!

1. Lonely Ballerina
2. Pepe
3. Brendans Theme
4. Orville's Song
5. Memory
6. Dreamers

1. First Love
2. Up Where We Belong
3. Angelique
4. Father And Son 
5. Slightly Latin
6. On Golden Pond


The Hiltonaires Band.320 Kbps

Nice concept some tracks work ok...Its definatly worth a listen to !!..arrangments could have been more imaginive...BUT hey ! I'm not a musician !!!...sooooooooooo comments would be welcome !!....The track that works the best is IMHO first track !!

1. Moonlight Serenade / Something
2. I Want To Hold Your Hand
3. Michelle
4. Bird Cage Walk 
5. Londonderry Air

1. Hey Jude
2. Let It Be
3. Yesterday
4. Diamond Rock
5. A Hard Days Night


Monday, 13 July 2015

Jim Reeves.320.Kbps

Seems we have gone all country and western at the moment so here's one of the best  !!...I don't know to much about Country music so I won't make any comment about my favourite moan about the Record Company's sometimes misuse of L/P titles !! and presume that this IS some of his best recordings !!! enjoy another smooth sounding collection of popular songs !!

1. He'll Have To Go
2. Four Walls
3. Guilty
4. Blue Boy
5. I'm Getting Better
6. The Blizzard

1. Am I Losing You
2. Billy Bayou
3. Anna Marie
4. Stand At Your Window
5. Adios Amigo
6. Danny Boy


The Muskrats.320 Kbps

This one is from my Brother's collection that I acquired at Xmas....AND it's signed on the back by the 4 members of the band....Domenico or "Dom" for short is my Bro's name asked me if I thought it was worth anything and I replied "Could be but don't hold your breath"!!!!! if anybody is interested get in touch.....Also an earlier post by "Traffle"was also signed....same for that one get in touch !!!....Now back to the music !!!...can't say I have heard of these guy's but they do a great job of some well know CW songs...including the most laid back recording of "Proud Mary"that I have ever heard...Its a gentle and as the title says"Freaky"rock and roll venture !!...and a generous 14 tracks !!!

1. A Freaky Kind Of Country Rock And Roll Band
2. Silver Wings
3. A Dog Named Boo
4. Hello Trouble
5. Okie From Muskogie
6. Long Gone
7. Mean Streak 

1. Proud Mary
2. I Can't Stop Loving You
3. Pretty Girl Jane
4. Me And Bobby Magee
5. San Antone
6. Six Days On The Road
7. Gentle On My Mind


Elvis Presley..320 Kbps

10 songs by Elvis on a "Budget "Label....At least they didn't title it with "Best" or "Favourites".....just some of his lesser known tracks !!

1. Separate Ways
2. Sentimental Me 
3. In My Way
4. I Met Her Here Today 
5. What Now What Next Where To

1. Always On My Mind
2. I Slipped I Stumbled I Fell
3. Is It So Strange
4. Forget Me Never
5. Old Shep