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Thursday, 23 July 2015

Herb Alpert

Herb Alpert selection that is in keeping with the title...not so hectic as the "Hits" that made him but the "Ooomph" is still there !!....great version of "Without Her"...and 100% for the rest of the tracks.... each track has something different about it !!...still with "Shorty Rogers" on board with the arrangments helps !!!!


Muziek Bij Uw Films

Now here's a funny strange one thought that it might be themes from films but no... after doing a "Google Translation" it comes up as "Music To Your Movies Frequently Requested Themes"so I guess the cover now makes sense....Its a soundtrack of your home movies that is if you need one !!!....By Golly these marketing guy's come up with some strange concepts for L/P titles and covers !!.....Anway apart from that it is a pleasant 40 odd minutes of music !!!...from "Bob"

Une Histoire Des Grands Moments De La Chanson.

Ok now off we go across the channel to "France" via "Belgium" of course...and even I can more or less tell what the title of this L/P is !! At a guess I think it would something like "The History Of Great Moments Of Songs"!!!....Some of the songs sound a bit familiar so I recon somewhere there will be an English version !!

1.  C'est Ma Chanson...Petula Clark
2. La Tramontrane...Antoine
3. Merci Cherie...Udo Jurgens
4. Du Gris...Georgette Plana
5. Souvenirs Souvenirs...Johnny Halliday
6. Le Soudard...Jean Claud Darnal
7. Les Play Boys...J Dutonc
8. Mon Amie La Rose...Fransoise Hardy
9. Je Dis n'importe Quo...Les Charlots
10. Comme un Petit Coquelicot
11. Irma la Douce...Colette Renard
12. Tonton Crisobal

1. La Maison Ou J'ai Grandit...Fransoise Hardy
2. Paulette La Reine Des Paupettes...La Charlots
3. Zon Zon Zon...Collette Renard
4. Le Pacha...Eddy Constantin
5. Tutti Frutti...Johnny Halliday
6. Les Jolies Colonies Des Vacances...Pierre Peret
7. Riquita...Georgette Plana 
8. IL Est Cinq Heures Paris s'evaille...Jacques Du
9. Ns Doigts Se Sont Croises...J Jacques Debout
10. La Demiere Valse...Petula Clark
11. Le Match De Football...Antoine
12. La Complexe De La Truite...Francis Blanche


Tom Jones...320 Kbps

Its 48 years since this L/P was made and it only seems like yesterday that "Tom Jones" raced up the chats with "Its Not Unusual"....I think that when this was recorded he had the title hit and his style was not fully developed into what we now know....So because the "Green Green Grass Of Home"was CW influenced away he went down that road....And he makes a very good job of all the tracks and you can definatly hear the "Tom Jones" of today !!...with "Mohair Sam & Detroit City" !!

1. Riders In The Sky
2. He'll have To Go
3. Funny Familiar Forgotten Feelings
4. Sixteen Tons
5. Two Brothers
6. My Mothers Eyes
7. Green Green Grass Of Home

1. Ring Of Fire
2. Field Of Yellow Daisies
3. Wsah I Could Say No To You
4. All I Get From You Is Heartaches
5. Mohair Sam
6. Cool Water
7. Detroit City

Caterina Valente...320 Kbps

Here's Caterina wowing everybody at "London's"Talk Of The usual perfect !!

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

The Rhine Band Of The Royal Tank Regiment & The Lemington Male Voice Choir..320 Kbps

Here's a fantastic surprise !!....when I first saw this L/P didn't have much hope for it BUT wow !! have a listen and tell me its not of the best band and choir L/P's I have heard for quite some time....And it ticks the box for my moan about not much information on the back cover...NOW that's what every L/P should have !!!....Last Track is something to shout about !!!

1. The Luftwaffe March
2. Marching Memories
3. My Lord What A Morning
4. Trumpet Filigree
5. Speed Your Journey
6. Mulligans Musketeers
7. Grandioso

1. The Old Ark's A Movering 
2. O Mary Don't You Weep
3. Barb'ra Allen
4. Casatchok
5. Go Down Moses
6. Cavalry Of The Steppes
7. Soldiers Chorus
8. Instant Concert

Dennis Waterman...320 Kbps

 Another set of songs from the TV actor...none of the songs are well known but they are very interesting and well worth a listen !!

1. If Ever I Had To Say Goodbye To You 
2. It Ain't Easy 
3. Fly Away Little Bird
4. Louise
5.They Can't Take My Love Away
6. Smokie Joe

1. Heartbeat
2. Growing Old
3. Something Called Love
4. Yesterdays Papers
5. Cockney Cowboy
6.Another Whiskey Sour